Accessibility for Information Architects

Following on from my article accessibility for project managers for Spotless Interactive the next in the series looks at accessibility for information architects. These form just two articles in a series that I’m writing in the coming months. Next up: accessibility for designers.

A sighted man talking to a blind man

Blind man: Could you guide me to the checkout? Sighted guy: It's over there, Blind guy thinks to himeself: I bet he's pointing. He is.

The original image is from Bunnyfoot.

3 thoughts on “Accessibility for Information Architects

  1. Hi Sveta – if using audio and video on a site this should absolutely be covered. I’m thinking that maybe an artical dedicated to this topic might be a good idea. I could cover providing captions/transcripts for videos/podcasts from a project management rather than technical perspective.

    I’ll get my thinking cap on!

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