Accessibility summit: Integrating Accessibility Across devices

Last night I was lucky enough to have a slot speaking at the uber wonderful Accessibility Summit put on by Christopher Schmitt, Ari Stiles and Environments for Humans. Long time Twitter friend and online colleague Deborah Edwards-Onorio (@redcrew) took the time to capture some of what I presented along with a few pictures and Tweets that really succinctly summarised what I said.

So this is me being very lazy and pointing you at Deborah’s write up of integrating accessibility across devices and saying a huge thank you to Deborah!

One thought on “Accessibility summit: Integrating Accessibility Across devices

  1. Henny,

    Thank you for your presentation, it was filled with lots of resources and tips. My notes don’t do it justice, I know I’ll be viewing the recording to fill in the gaps in my understanding.

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