Accessible banner ads

We’ve been commissioning banner ads to place on other websites recently so I thought I’d share some of the guidelines we work to in-house when commissioning accessible advertising. It’s hard enough to know at the best of times how to deal with content on your site but when it comes to advertising, especially third party, what Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) apply and what should we be doing to make advertising accessible?

If you’re looking for answers then check out my latest post in the Web Access Centre blog: accessible banner ads.

3 thoughts on “Accessible banner ads

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  2. Just reporting that the link to the article on the RNIB site is broken. I think they’ve removed it.

  3. Hi Paul – RNIB relaunched their site a few months ago and are still in the process of moving the Web Access blog over. They are working on it but in the meantime I’ve updated the link to Thanks for pointing this out.

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