Chinese translations of “Introduction to Web Accessibility” from WebAim

Samuel Chong, an LA based translator and tutor,  has been busy and again and kindly translated WebAim’s Introduction to Web Accessibility into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese:

These are a great accompaniment to other translations he’s done including my Brief History of Web Standards and our growing library of translations over at the Web Standards Project.

谢谢 Samuel!

3 thoughts on “Chinese translations of “Introduction to Web Accessibility” from WebAim

  1. I was puzzled why the Traditional Chinese title you gave had simplified characters in the #5 and #6 positions: “访问”. But looking at the actual translations to which you link from, I see the titles there are:

    互联网可用性介绍 – Simplified Chinese
    互聯網可用性介紹 – Traditional Chinese

    The traditional Chinese there looks more consistently traditional to me.

  2. Jim thanks for pointing this out. I was puzzled by this too as have been given two different things. Am checking with Samuel about this…

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