Today I attended a presentation at CSUN on Creating Blogs, Podcasts and Use of Social Media Tools with Screen Readers presented by Mika Pyyhkala from the Association of Blind Citizens.

The focus of the session was to walk blind and partially sighted users through how to blog using WordPress, use Twitter, Facebook and what poscasting tools there were out there. It was a really well thought out presentation which was written up in a WordPress blog together with tools, resources and links. This was made all the better as everyone was sat at a laptop or PC all of which had a screen reader running so you could read it yourself, follow links and best of all leave comments.

Twitter was the area Mika seemed most excited about and talked the most in depth about. In fact his enthusiasm was such that when he asked how many people in the room used Twitter only two said yes (we were a group of maybe 40). By the end of the session people were signing up and following his feed.

Most social networking sites have a way to go to make them truly accessible to all users with disabilities, and not just people with sight impairments, but it is great to see people taking advantage of these tools as far as they can. I’m a true believer in signing up to Facebook, Twitter and blogging in order to spread the word about web accessibility as well as keep up to date with what is going on.