CSUN 2013: from the Olympics to accessible TV, anywhere

I’m super happy to have been give two slots at CSUN kindly sponsored by BBC.

First up I’ll be co-presenting with Al Duggin about accessibility on the BBC Olympics website. Al was Senior Developer on what was one of the biggest and most ambitious projects BBC has rolled out with accessibility at it’s core. Al has a lot to say not just on the technical side of accessibility but also on how to provide a team with the right tools and training to do the job, issues and learning points. I’ll be sharing a few tales from the trenches covering our Olympic mobile and video offerings too.

I’ll also be co-presenting with Gareth Ford Williams, Acting Head of Accessibility at BBC, about another project close to my heart: accessible TV, for everyone, everywhere. iPlayer, the BBC’s on demand and live online TV offering, has a remit to ‘Make the unmissable, unmissable’. This means bringing iPlayer not just to desktop but also mobile, tablet, games consoles and more. It also means providing technically accessible and usable media players appropriate to the device as well as provision of access services such as subtitling (captioning), audio description and signing.

For me 2012 was a high point not just because of the Olympic games being held in my front yard but also because it was the year I discovered I could pause and rewind live TV not just on my TV at home but also online.

I will never forget watching the US Women’s athletics Team beat China to the Gold medal. It was an outstanding achievement not just for the Gold and Silver medalists but also for TV as I was watching live, on my mobile using the fully accessible BBC Olympics Sports app from the top deck of a London bus. I was immensely proud that the first truly digital Olympics, of which the BBC was the official broadcaster in the UK, was also fully accessible to people with disabilities offering over 24 channels, live on TV, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Of course there were a few bumps along the but you’ll have to come along to the presentation to hear the juicy bits. If if you can’t make it slides will be available after the event.

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