Unleash the hounds!

By text from the Artic;Finished first day of 30k breaking a trail through some woods up hill 2 flat plains with a low, barely there orange sun. Bright and warm one minute then windy snowy freezing the next. Goggles steamed up and then froze. Got off 2 a less than professional start having run around the settlement this morning after my overzealous dogs and sled. Having worried i’d get lazy ones i seem 2 have the most frisky ones and have spent most of the day with both feet on the breaks hanging off the back of the sled while everyone else pushes theirs. Will probably come back frozen in that position. the dogs are amazing, more friendly than i expected although i almost got ko’e by an over amorous one…Everything freezes really fast. Have crunchy jelly babies in my pocket and had to crack the frozen dog poo off the harness to get one off the line (they go on the move). That’s it for now, have 2 go and make soup for the dogs.

Other news – the Justgiving total has topped £7,000 – woo hoo!


2 thoughts on “Unleash the hounds!

  1. Hooray – its so good to get news about how its going. I can now picture the frisky huskies taking charge, Henny holding on for dear life and lovingly making their breakfast. No news though about how the thermals are holding up or developments in the Big Brother house…. Hope for more soon.

  2. Does Henny go on the go too? No we don’t need to know! So good to hear news. We were trying to imagine how it was going yesterday as we sat here with our cups of tea moaning aout the warm dry office! Hey how about mushing to work, Hen? Sounds fun. Just had a new fundriasing idea – we could auction off soem artefacts from your trip. So far that adds up to frozen dog poo and jelly babies. Hmm.

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