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As your system crashes, it generates a windows crash log that helps you why your computer actually crashed. However, knowing how to view that crash log in Windows 10 is important.  There are numerous ways you can view the crash log and identify the reasons why your computer crashed. Here we present you a few methods to help you do so.

Method 1: Open the crash log via Event Viewer

In Windows 10, the easiest way to view the windows crash log is by using the ‘Event Viewer’. It is a built-in program in your PC and it aids your computer’s operations in several ways.  Firstly, it keeps track of the messages coming from and into your apps and systems. Secondly, it keeps a log of the errors and warnings arriving in your system. To use this method of viewing the windows crash log in your system, you have to follow certain steps as mentioned below.

  1. Open the search box in your Windows 10 system and type ‘Event Viewer’.  Select the right option and right-click on it.


  2. In the next step, click on ‘Run as Administrator’. Next, you will now have the main window of the ‘Event viewer’ displayed on your screen.
  3. You will find all the logs on the left side of the interface that appears categorized in sections.
  4. To open the windows crash log of any Windows 10 related problems, press ‘Windows Logs’. Navigate to ‘System’ under the Windows Log option.


  5. From the event list, click on the error that has caused your computer to crash. This will provide you with the in-depth log appearing at the bottom of the windowlog-view

Method 2: Design a custom view

You can also have a custom view created for yourself to make the process quicker and more efficient. Initially, this method will follow the same steps as the previous method. However, what follows is distinct in its features and options. Here we present you those steps.

  1. As the ‘system’ tab opens, navigate to ‘errors’ and then to ‘Create a custom view’ on the right side of the window.view-logo1
  2. This will lead to a new window popping up. From here, you have to select a time period for which you want the log.
  3. Next, check the boxes named ‘Critical’, ‘Warning’ and ‘Error’ from the Event level section.
  4. Now, click on the option named ‘By log’.
  5. As the drop-down menu appears, tick the boxes with the options of ‘Application’, ‘security’, and ‘system’.view-log-2
  6. Click on ‘OK’ and give the custom view a name. Further, click ‘OK’ again to have the windows crash log presented to you.

Method 3: View the crash log through Reliability Monitor

Another method of viewing the windows crash log as your computer shuts down is by accessing the log via Reliability Monitor. It is a feature found in Windows 10 that enables you to open the stability history of your PC. It allows you to see the former warnings and threats that have affected your system to date. To view the crash log through this method, here we present the steps to do so.

  1. To begin with, go to the search box and type ‘reliability’ in it. Select ‘View reliability history’.event-log
  2. This will view the main screen in front of you. It will show the reliability monitor that is sorted by dates.
  3. If the windows have crashed or frozen, a red circle with ‘X’ will point out the failure that has caused the crash.
  4. To have a particular day’s windows crash log in displayed to you, go to that specific day’s section. It will present to you a more in-depth account of the problem at the bottom.
  5. For every problem identified, you can double-click on it to show you detailed information regarding every issue that came in your system.

Identifying the crash reasons

Windows crashing is a common problem that every person faces with their computers. Your screen will turn blue or the system will freeze. Consequently, you will lose all the work you have spent hours working on and the frustration will cause you to panic. Also, finding out why the computer crashed is not an easy task. Hence, we gather a few reasons and make it easy for you to see why your computer crashed.

  • A failing RAM makes it hard for Windows to retrieve data from the memory. And so, on trying to do so repetitively, the system crashes.
  • Bad drivers are a big cause of a crash.  This is because manual installation can lead to the wrong drivers or virus being welcomed to your system.
  • A malfunctioning hard drive can cause a crash too. A bad hard drive affects certain files that show a specific part of the drive is dying as they become hard to open.
  • When your system overheats, the sensitive parts of your computer start to lose their functionality. Using an overheated system for too long causes a crash too.

Quick fixes for the crash

For every problem, there is a solution. A Windows 10 crash is a major problem that comes at the most inappropriate times and makes it hard for you to work. Henceforth, here are some tips that you could use as an instant fix to your problem.

  • Disconnecting your external devices can do the job as problematic communication between Windows 10 and your device could be a reason for the crash.
  • Update your drivers, whether manually or automatically, as outdated or missing drivers lead to computers crashing as well.
  • Check for viruses and malware as systems infected with these issues as computers infected with them are one of the major reasons for a crash.
  • Run the system file checker as it fixes the corrupted files on your computer. These corrupted files make it hard for your system to work efficiently.

Jotting it down

When a crash happens as you are working, it feels like the end of the world. As a result, you panic and feel like there’s no way out. However, going step-by-step and identifying the problems first often give you the solution. If the nature of the identified problem is easy, you can try to fix it yourself. However, if that is not the case, you can try the other technical methods to solve the issue. Surely, you will end up with a recovered PC in no time.

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What is content://com.android.browser.home/ https://www.iheni.com/content-com-android-browser-home/ https://www.iheni.com/content-com-android-browser-home/#respond Thu, 10 Sep 2020 10:00:14 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=609 The content://com.android.browser.home/ is something that relates to the main page that appears as you open your android browser. Initially, there are certain features present on your homepage as you open the browser. You can personalize it in any way you want. However, there are a few undercover methods that can be brought in use as […]

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The content://com.android.browser.home/ is something that relates to the main page that appears as you open your android browser. Initially, there are certain features present on your homepage as you open the browser. You can personalize it in any way you want. However, there are a few undercover methods that can be brought in use as you feel like transforming your homepage.

Here, we present the steps you need to follow while altering your homepage.

  1. View the default web browsing application in your android device.
  2. Click on the ‘menu’ option that is present on the upper part of the screen’s right half.
  3. Navigate to the menu labeled with ‘settings’. This will lead you to the sub-menu that will further guide you to the ‘Android Browser Settings’.
  4. Click on the ‘Android Browser Settings’ and open the ‘general’ settings.
  5. Lastly, hit ‘Set homepage’ and type the URL of the page you are setting as your default page.
  6. Also, you can select the ‘clear page’ option to set your homepage

In case you are unable to find the option for setting your homepage, you can try the alternative method of doing so. Following the below-mentioned steps, you can set your homepage as per your preference. Also, these steps will help you optimize your content://com.android.browser.home/.

  1. Navigate over the website which you will make as homepage
  2. Go over menu
  3. Add specific page in bookmarks
  4. Go to the menu again
  5. Direct to your bookmarks/history
  6. Press site whom you need to change your homepage to and keep holding it
  7. From the options that appear in the menu, select ‘Set as homepage

Why change the android browser?

While dealing with content://com.android.browser.home/ it is important that you know why you are doing what you are doing. There are sufficient reasons available as to why you would want to change your default android browser. Here is a bunch of reasons why.

  • Every browser has its own features and quality. Chrome differs from Firefox in its outlook, speed, options, and so much more. Hence, it is upon the users to choose one out of the many options as per their preference.
  • The outlook of all the browsers is distinct from one another. One user might like Opera’s outlook while the other might like Microsoft Edge’s. Therefore, the user might feel a need to switch to other browsers.
  • One technical reason for doing so is that using a non-HTTPS default page for your web browser gives you a better experience overall. And so, it is up to you to select the best content://com.android.browser.home/ for your android phones and systems.

Choosing the best web browser

From a long list of available options to choose from, it makes finalizing one very hard. Every web browser carries its own set of features that you have to compare and contrast while conforming to one. Go through our top 3 guides as we educate you about the features of all browsers.


#1. Google Chrome

The most widely used web browser nowadays is Google Chrome. It stands out in its features greatly. It is quick, extremely easy to use, and has a safe web browser. Additionally, Google Chrome provides you with customized news articles, numerous websites to search through, and so much more. Also, it allows you to download almost anything and everything you like. Its option of Google Translate, opening the incognito window, and Chrome Lite, are its various attractive features.  This is the reason you should go for it while considering the content://com.android.browser.home/.

#2. Opera

The opera browser is made for people who are always on the move. This particular browser has won various awards and is ranked highly amongst other browsers. Its quick-service and extremely fast browsing are exemplary. Moreover, its basic features of instant searching, secured browsing, and extremely quick and efficient transfer of files are the must-haves in every browser. All this and so much more make it a great choice for your default web browser.

#3. Firefox

Firefox is one such web browser that provides a quality experience to its users. Its high-speed operations and quick response to every activity being performed is its main feature. Also, how it guards your privacy and keeps your smartphone secure from all kinds of viruses, hackers, etc, is exemplary. It is one of the best web browsers available for your android phones and one you can’t ignore.

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How to alter the default browser in android phones

The functioning of content://com.android.browser.home/ places no restrictions on android users to stick to the original settings. You can play with those settings and change them in whatever way that suits you. In addition, there are numerous other options available with features that are far better in their compatibility and operations. You just have to go to the Google Play store and select the best one for yourself.  The various other browser options available are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Dolphin browser, etc.  You can choose one browser that gives you the most utility and get your hands set on it for good. To guide you in doing so, here is how you do set your desired web browser. The steps are quite easy, we have mentioned them below:

  1. Go to ‘settings’ on your phone
  2. Keep scrolling till you get to the options of ‘Apps’, ‘notifications’, and ‘warnings
  3. Press the ‘default notifications’ options and look for the menu named ‘browser’.
  4. Tap the ‘browser’ option and select your desired browser from the list available.


Conclusively, it is best if you go through all the aspects while deciding the content://com.android.browser.home/. Having proper knowledge of everything is vital to aid your decision-making process. Consider the pros, cons, quality, and all the factors discussed in complete depth. However, you can’t know the full potential and range of a browser until you experience using it. Henceforth, combining the knowledge in our content, added with your experience will help you decide better. Hopefully, this article will help you do so.

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What is Vulkanrt & How You Remove It? https://www.iheni.com/what-is-vulkanrt/ https://www.iheni.com/what-is-vulkanrt/#respond Thu, 03 Sep 2020 11:28:53 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=602 The Vulkan Runtime Libraries is a software intermediary that bridges the communication between two applications. It can come in use on several, different types of computers and with numerous software packages. It targets the enhancement of 3D applications and the balance of usage between your CPU and GPU. Additionally, this project is a creation of […]

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The Vulkan Runtime Libraries is a software intermediary that bridges the communication between two applications. It can come in use on several, different types of computers and with numerous software packages. It targets the enhancement of 3D applications and the balance of usage between your CPU and GPU. Additionally, this project is a creation of the Khronos Group that started in 2014. VulkanRT aims to decrease the usage of CPU in your installed 3D applications.


Also, it works to spread the burden on one application across numerous multi-core central processing units.  Formerly, OpenGL was the application that operated like VulkanRT. However, it is not a complete substitute to OpenGL as its use varies from case to case. OpenGL’s easy-to-use nature makes it better suited for some applications at times in comparison with VulkanRT.

How is VulkanRT a threat?

Keeping your system protected is very important so it performs efficiently. However, threats like that of VulkanRT are extremely harmful to your system. They enter your computer along with free software you would install on your PC. This activity is called ‘bundled installation’. What makes it a threat to your computer is how it transfers to your hard disk. The name it uses while being present in your hard disk is vulkaninfo32.exe. Moving forward, it sets up a new startup key, carrying the name ‘VulkanRT’. Eventually, it makes a place in your list of processes.

How did VulkanRT get in my system?

It is amazing how it gets in your pc even when you haven’t installed it. This is one thing to think about. Such a scenario exists when you install new graphics drivers. It makes way for unwanted programs to enter your system.  Hence, your installed applications and programs are the main source of VulkanRT entering your computer without being in your knowledge. Consequently, you tend to overlook this program as it penetrates. This calls for paying close attention to the installation process.  To ensure being watchful of such a case, you need to read the user agreement carefully. You don’t have to agree to install programs that seem suspicious.

Also, you don’t have to trust any programs that have unknown publishers. This will get you into unnecessary trouble. Further, one tip you have to keep in mind is to never rush in clicking ‘Next’. Go through every step thoroughly and install your applications securely. It harms your system in numerous ways so it is recommended to remove it.

Tools to remove VulkanRT

There are several tools available to remove VulkanRT from your system once and for all. These tools will help you ensure the smooth functioning of your computer and get rid of unwanted programs. Here, we present to you some of them that will help you fix your problem.


The first tool that will give you a quick and long-lasting solution to your problem is Norton. It is an extremely dominant tool to remove unwanted programs. It will get rid of all kinds of viruses and its related files, folders, and registry keys right from the roots.

Thor Antivirus

This tool will point out all the files that carry the virus. Moreover, it detects malicious files and folders that work the same way as VulkanRT. It helps cleanse your computer get rid of all the harmful files your system contains.

WiperSoft Antispyware

Here we have another tool to help you get rid of unwanted programs like VulkanRT. It is designed to eliminate threats like that of VulkanRT in its automatic mode. This program has a vigorous module that protects your PC from Trojans, hijackers, and ransomware. Also, its trial version detects the viruses in your compute without any charges. It clears all the registry entries made by those viruses as well. Moreover, it enables the option to activate the ‘System and Network Guards’. This particular option acts as a wall between malware and your computer. Last but not the least, its 24/7 support for any issues make it a great program to purchase.


This particular program, called AntiMalware, is specially created to get rid of were ll threats like VulkanRT. It will clear all files that have been created by such programs. Further, it deletes all the registry entries made by VulkanRT. Not just this, but also fixing browser redirection and other threats like hijack are other features of this program. The option of ‘Toolbar Remover’ will ensure getting rid of undesirable browser extensions as well. However, if the program is unable to cater to your problems, you can always ask for support from their 24/7 customer service lines.

Removing VulkanRT manually

Fixing this problem by installing or purchasing more software and programs is still a hassle. Therefore, giving it a go via manually should be your first approach. To begin with, the most basic thing you can do is to navigate to the control panel and remove VulkanRT. You can later delete all the files and registry keys. However, it requires a more technical fix in case the basics don’t work. And so, we take you through the depths of it.

Kill the processes and get rid of the unwanted files

The files carrying the names of ‘vulkaninfo32.exe’, ‘vulkaninfo.exe’, and ‘UninstallVulkanRT.exe’ will have to be deleted. These are the files that have viruses and threats in them.

Delete all folders with malicious content

The folders and their paths that might contain malicious files are found in the following directories.

C:\Program Files (x86)\VulkanRT\
C:\Program Files\VulkanRT\

The threats are usually found in these folders and once you get to them, complete deletion of these folders will cause no more problems.

Summing it up

To conclude, it is sufficient to say that a PC that is free of viruses and malware, functions way better than one with loads of them in it. To smoothen the process of your computers, whether at home or work, using these tools is highly recommended. You don’t need external assistance with your problems when you have every solution right in front of you.

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How to tell if your Phone is Hacked https://www.iheni.com/how-to-tell-if-your-phone-is-hacked/ https://www.iheni.com/how-to-tell-if-your-phone-is-hacked/#respond Mon, 24 Aug 2020 12:35:22 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=578 In today’s modern world, mobile phones have become powerful computers. It has enabled us to complete scientific jobs. Mobile phones particularly smartphones usually contain a large amount of classified data. However, that includes the contents of our text messages and, media files. It accesses to multiple accounts throughout pre-logged-in applications that are confidential. Hence, it […]

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In today’s modern world, mobile phones have become powerful computers. It has enabled us to complete scientific jobs.

Mobile phones particularly smartphones usually contain a large amount of classified data. However, that includes the contents of our text messages and, media files. It accesses to multiple accounts throughout pre-logged-in applications that are confidential.

Hence, it is necessary to keep your mobile phones safe from hackers. Hackers take prompt actions after hacking your someone’s mobile phone or breaching your data.

Simply how can you determine if your mobile phone has hacked or unable to access your data? Since your phones and their main screen is merely a pattern of algorithms and digits.

The unfortunate fact is that hackers presently have several techniques to get inside your phone without even touching it tangibly. In other words, it’s quite frustrating investigating the process of how to tell if your phone is hacked. Without letting anyone access it physically.

The security of your phone needs to be of high-intensity. It should be such that no one should be able to get on your phone. Above all, it is vital to keep your phone secure from all kinds of threats. It could invade your privacy and compromise your confidential data.

Hacking is one such activity that jeopardizes the security level of your phone. It is an illegal way of getting into someone’s phone. Hence, your phone is hacked, when someone accesses your phone and meddles with your data.

Various ways are used for hacking phones. Like, hackers can hack your phone while guessing your voicemail’s password or pin code.

Figuring Out Who Was a Hacker behind Your Phone

It depends on the hacker who is intentionally targeting an attack towards you through your smartphone. How to tell if your phone is hacked, will require you to focus on each application that you don’t remember. Secondly, it involves your secondary phone contacts, not in your record that has communicated with you.


If you carry out casual research, you might get a few connections and interlinks. Nevertheless, professional hackers’ skills and expertise will conduct by heavy-duty software.

To get him down, you must get a person who has a vast knowledge of cybersecurity. However, you should report hacking cases to law agencies for deep analysis.

Noticing New Applications on your Mobile Phone that you didn’t Install

Your mobile phone brand might install certain applications on a timely basis on your phone. It regularly updates to smoothen your user experience.


If you notice new applications displayed on your screen out of nowhere. Got to be sure if they are legitimate.

You need to do a thorough Google search if those applications are actual or not. Moreover, fake applications enable you to steal your information, data, and secrecy of your life.

It can somehow record your calls, trace your IP address, and get your texts. Above all, it can potentially threaten your social media applications and transfer your online banking to hackers’ system.

Unexpected use of Mobile Data

If you ever observe any unexpected mobile data used more than a normal day or personal use. It clearly shows someone is using your data. After that, it gives us an indication of your data transmitted from your Phone to other irrelevant suspicious parties.


However, you can check and review your data usage on each application available on your phone. Guess how to tell if your Phone is hacked then monitor whether each application is unnecessarily consuming mobile data or not.

In that case, it is pretty much legitimate that something is wrong around. Deleting the applications and then reinstalling them back from your application store might fix the problem.

If your phone has protecting software, then deleting and reinstalling might not fix any of it.

Your Phone is highlighting unexpected Interruptions

While calling from the phone, if your calls disconnect or drop without even cutting and having a perfect network is another sign your phone is hacked Facing weird sounds coming through your calls might be a big problem.

Usually, these particular hurdles are minor technical problems caused due to signals. But getting them more often is a key indicator of a breach.

If you encounter these signal issues while communicating about capital, this might be a problem. Take corrective measures before communicating high-end stuff through calls.

Losing your Battery Timing Real Quick

This might sound normal or weird at the same time, however, your battery might drain faster. If your phone is under attack by some random hacker who is willing to get your data.


If you have a new phone and start losing too much power of the battery quite fast. After that monitor your applications and take the quick measure.

You will be confused and ask how to tell if your phone is hacked. For instance, downloading some malware software might help you down.

Clicking on Undefined Links in Emails or Texts

You might be receiving text messages from your dad stating to open this link for a surprise. Thus, you might be getting official emails for jobs. Or simply discount vouchers stating click it to get a discount or something similar.


Getting pdf files or images links might create a huge problem. However, if you click the link, it might hack your phone. As it will transfer your data to the third party.

Some links might download itself in your phone and get themselves installed in the file to violate your entire system.

It is like you are giving them access to take your data. However, when you receive a message from an unknown person. As it asks you to view and click the link to see the picture or a funny clip. It might be an alarming situation.

Your Phone Might Be Doing Live Streaming

Only a professional hacker can live stream through your phone’s camera to your personal life. Moreover, a cybercriminal can control your life through your phone and your activities by monitoring without letting you know.


He can make you browse your daily activities your search history, even your pictures to text messages. In other words, it’s not just live streaming its or like streaming through your entire data.

You can identify all of this if your phone drains quickly or gets way too hot even in colder days.

Bank Transactions Not Done By You

Your bank might send you some text messages. Stating that you have purchased a decent amount of goods from this place. That store dollar or the amount you haven’t done.


You will be amazed and confused as to how to tell if your phone is hacked. As another person did it after accessing your account.

It might also include some links to open, which will hack into your database. As it gets your actual bank information from your phone, and the bad thing goes.

Email Accounts Acting Weird and Different

Email accounts play a vital role in everyone’s life. However, in most cases, mobile devices control them instead of computer systems. As it handles your information, data, details, including password.

If you find your emails locked If someone is trying to log in to your account from a different country or city.

Then need to take some safety measures. Also, changing your passwords and making them strong. Security questions might work more like two-factor authentications help every time. If you are carrying your phone with you all the time.

Then it will be helpful, as someone else apart from your mobile phone won’t access your account.

Using Free Wi-Fi to transfer your Personal Data

Accessing free and unsecured Wi-Fi at a local station or restaurant is a way to access your data. Moreover, it’s quite easy to spy on your data through a free Wi-Fi band. The provider or someone else present at the point of the free spot can do it.


If you are accessing free Wi-Fi, you should keep in mind. Installing free VPN software to save your data and save your files to spread throughout the world. Furthermore, this particular software is easy to use yet quite cheap to purchase online.

You should never use a free service to sign in to your bank account and your personal yet critical details. However, if you check your emails, then you should see your address bar if it is correct or not.

Downloading a Malicious Application

Malicious Application

Downloading a malicious application has become an issue these days. In conclusion, endless criminals create different kinds of applications that might look and function quite efficiently and effectively.

How to tell if your phone is hacked when your applications misbehave and perform inappropriate tasks. For instance, if they show glitching error or crash completely. They might be glitching or gets crashed.

The application has the malicious abilities inside as they execute services according to you more or like your fitness application. Thus, on the Android side, Google Play has the most amount of malicious application than IOS of Apple.


Getting Spam Content and POP-UPS

One more sign of getting hacked is a spam pop-up and mysterious looking screensavers on your phone. Above all, every pop-up symbolizes that your mobile hacked or someone has control over it.

If you get a high quantity of pop-ups daily. It means something is wrong, and some viruses or sent viruses might affect your Phone on purpose.

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Getting Security Updates, Emails and Messages

If you face an unusual activity like getting security messages from every social application of yours. Moreover, you will get a notification that some other device is accessing your account from a different location.

It will indicate a password reset link or emails for verification. Highlighting that your email has signed up from different accounts that will look weird and unfamiliar to you.

How to Keep Your Phones Safe and Secure From Getting Hacked

Keep Your Phones Safe

If you want to keep your data safe yet secure from potential hackers. Roaming around in the life of a person via the Internet then you should keep relevant measures.

Your phone is a private property that keeps your entire data from images to identity to passwords and bank details.

Getting those in the wrong hands might destroy your social life completely in the case of ransom or other activities.

Leaving Your Phone Neglected In the Public

You should not leave your phone in public carelessly. How to tell if your phone is hacked. Therefore, endless threats are roaming around online. Stay aware of public problems like stealing your mobile phone. When you are completely busy doing something in public.

If your phone’s Bluetooth is 24/7 like most people do, you should keep it off. However, most people in public might steal or exchange your data easily in seconds.

You should keep in mind not saving your password or login data or related to banking application and account information. However, if the hacker gets access to your Phone through a log in procedure, it would be a hassle.

Don’t Play with Your Passwords

If your emails or social media accounts get hacked, the number one reason is due to setting inappropriate passwords.

However, it would be a lot easy for the hacker to hack your data. Can access your iCloud data too, which will be helpful to locate your other devices.

You will lose access to block or restrict other accounts. It happens due to no access to your main accounts.

Thus it all of this happens for one similar purpose. If you use your same password for creating accounts on multiple sites, then it will create a problem.

To prevent this problem, keep two-way authentication. This option helps every time for each site or each social media application.


Preventing your data is the best cure among everything. It indicated that place your mobile phone in a safe area whenever it is possible. Installing a VPN software is quite a lengthy procedure. It does help you to protect your data 24/7. But keep in mind that you are also responsible for checking your phone daily. It’s quite easy for you to consult a professional when you see everything going wrong with your phone. A professional who can deal with malicious software and eliminate them.

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Who called me? How to find out who is calling? https://www.iheni.com/who-called-me/ https://www.iheni.com/who-called-me/#respond Sat, 22 Aug 2020 13:07:20 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=566 Getting suspicious calls bothers not only bothers you but all of us.  But more importantly, it is the fact that you don’t know who called me, bothers even more. Sometimes, you can’t even ignore it because it might be some important call or call from a potential client. Now, it’s up to you whether to […]

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Getting suspicious calls bothers not only bothers you but all of us.  But more importantly, it is the fact that you don’t know who called me, bothers even more. Sometimes, you can’t even ignore it because it might be some important call or call from a potential client.

Now, it’s up to you whether to ignore it or look for who it is.

If you get calls every day and it’s all part of the normal routine now, you can move on ignoring the calls. However, if you have a curious mind, it’s inevitable to start looking for hints to guess who is calling.

You can’t just get on with something else and not bother about who called if you have that streak of curiosity in you.  It’ll raise questions like ‘Who Called Me?’, ‘How did they get my number?


If it’s an important call and the caller wants to talk to you urgently, they’ll leave a message. The call could be of all kinds.

It could be a work-related call, an old friend’s call, or just a random wrong call as well. In any case, the curious mind would want to know who is calling.

Your first idea would be to Google the number or run it through some call-tracking application. These aren’t reliable methods of searching for the caller, though.

Many of the sites will make you think you’re on the right platform to search the unknown caller. They’ll look and sound extremely engaging.

But, in reality, they will be charging you for doing so. Some sites would just deceive you, knowing the fact; you are searching for the caller.

They will make you go through more and more websites that will generate a commission for them as you view their website.

Who could have called you?

There’s a list of people who appear unknown from their number. They might be unknown. But there could be a reason behind that call—either beneficial for you or not.

It could be a prank call. All those pranksters who love doing it are the most common ‘unknown’ callers. They love having fun while sitting on their couch only.

The call could be from an ex as well who wants to reconcile and get back together. In a more extreme case, it could be a scammer. He could be trying to track or hack your phone while planning a theft from you.

Finding out ‘Who Called Me?’

However, there are several ways you can have you’re ‘Who Called Me’ question answered.

Reverse Phone Lookups

The reverse phone lookups are one of the most common methods of checking the name of the unknown caller.  However, this method is not good enough to tell you who the actual caller as if the call is from a blocked, private, or No Caller ID number.

Using Facebook

One creative idea to know who called you is by searching for that number on social media. You can search for it on Facebook. This social media app actually allows you to type search people by their phone numbers. You just have to write the number on Facebook’s search engine and the ID containing that number will pop up.


To get your ‘Who Called Me’ confusion solved, you need to download a third-party app like TrapCall. This is the perfect application to provide you with all the information regarding the caller. It will help you give you all the authentic data related to the caller so they can be held accountable for it.

TrapCall: Unmask Blocked & Private Numbers (Free, Google Play) →


Another application is TruthFinder. This is another app that will help you find the unknown caller. It will give you the most accurate results. It is a free application that will extract the entire background information of the caller. The basic information will be provided at zero-cost. However, if you want more information related to criminal history and former addresses, you will have to pay. It will clear your mind from the ‘Who Called Me’ question.

Background Check & People Search | TruthFinder (Free+, Google Play) →


The Whoscall app is another one to tell you about the unknown caller. The basic functions of this application are all free and show very few ads in the middle. Marking calls with specific colors is its best feature. Business-related or familiar-number calls come with a green icon. The unknown calls will carry a grey icon with them. Lastly, the suspicious and sketchy calls will be marked with a red icon.

Whoscall – The caller ID and block App (Free+, Google Play) →

‎Whoscall - Caller ID & Block (Free+, App Store) →


One website to answer you ‘Who Called Me’ concern is Spydialer. This site has more than a billion numbers in its records. It shows extremely accurate results and is very reliable. It enables options of ‘Name Lookup’, ‘Photo Lookup’, or ‘Photo spams’. This website even allows you to search for people by their names or email addresses.

Another way to check the unknown caller is by searching for the number on spam call websites. People usually report unknown numbers on these spam call websites. If your caller’s number matches one on the website, you can get a lead on the caller.

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Why is it important?

It is more important for safety than just satisfaction to know the identity of the caller. Many times it’s only for self-contentment that people want to find out who called. With the increasing cybercrime rates, you can’t just ignore these calls. To stay safe from hacking, theft, blackmailing, and various other crimes like these, you need to be aware of all the threats that could cause you danger. Also, you don’t have to keep guessing who the caller could be and spend hours just pondering over something so random when you have an app that will answer your question.

This act of getting calls from unknown numbers is termed as ‘Phone harassment’ these days. It is a major concern for everyone. It involves getting calls repeatedly, threats, blackmailing, and so much more. Getting calls from blocked numbers is a major sign that the caller intends to harm you. Blocking the number is one solution to the problem, but it isn’t a permanent fix. What’s best in situations like these is to search for the caller and get him or her reported if their reasoning is found suspicious and intended to harm.

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What is IDP.Generic and How to Remove it? https://www.iheni.com/how-to-remove-idp-generic/ https://www.iheni.com/how-to-remove-idp-generic/#respond Thu, 20 Aug 2020 11:36:35 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=555 If you are a Windows user, your system may get affected by a virus called IDP.Generic. You will definitely be using an antivirus. Your antivirus will detect the files that are infected with this virus. Basically, IDP stands for Identity Protection Detection and it is an identity that is attached to any existing file on […]

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If you are a Windows user, your system may get affected by a virus called IDP.Generic. You will definitely be using an antivirus. Your antivirus will detect the files that are infected with this virus.

Basically, IDP stands for Identity Protection Detection and it is an identity that is attached to any existing file on your system. There is no specific type of files that can be affected by this virus. It can attack your gaming files, python files, or any of your other files.

idp.generic virus

The antivirus considers it a flag. If the antivirus detects that it is IDP.Generic, it will suddenly mark any files that trigger the identification, with a flag.

Even though the detection of this virus is not at all specific to an antivirus. But there is something very interesting and it that, most of the users who reported this virus, were using Avast Antivirus. This is the reason why people think that it’s just a false positive, not a virus.

How does this virus work?

If the warning of your antivirus is not a false positive, then your system is affected by a trojan virus. This is a type of virus that keeps running in the background of your system. It can corrupt your system files and can intercept your emails or internet traffic.


Moreover, it can also steal your passwords, your personal, and even your banking information and a lot more while secretively running in the background.

How would I know if my system has IDP.Generic?

Trojan viruses are designed in a way that they can be running stealthily in your system without you knowing about them. The only thing that can help you know about it, is the warning from your antivirus program that it first sent you about the potential program. Or some of the gaming sites can warn you about it.

virus in emails

A rare possible way by which you can know about this virus is that someone might tell you that they received an email from you containing this virus.

Most of the time, you will not be able to see the trojan viruses, but if you are not sure that this is a false positive, then you should take the necessary steps to remove this threat.

How does this virus enter into my system?

There are a lot of ways by which a trojan virus, like IDP.Generic can enter into your system.

For example, you download software that holds the virus, you click on a random link in an email and it quietly downloads an infected file into your system.


Moreover, it can also happen that you click on an ad on any random website that activates the virus and it launches in your system. If you unknowingly open a trojan virus for once, it will download many other malicious programs. It can hijack your programs that are working perfectly normal, by making use of their weaknesses.

There’s a high risk of getting affected by this or any other trojan viruses if you are using free file hosting, freeware sites, or any peer-to-peer networks such as torrents or eMlue etc.

Should we ignore the IDP.Generic?

You should never ignore this. Even though many users think that it is nothing more than just a false positive, you cannot consider ignoring it. It is dangerous for your system as it will stop you from executing many programs.

We will suggest you that you should not depend on what anyone else says and completely check it. You can do this by installing any other antivirus software and running a full PC scan. It will let you know if the file contains the virus and save you from trouble.

How can I remove the IDP.Generic from my system?

First of all, if it is not a virus but just a false positive after you check on another antivirus program, you’re quite safe, but you will need to get rid of this too.

To remove this false positive, you only need to unblock the file from the antivirus that you were using before in start, so you can access it. This process is not much difficult and it can have different steps depending on which antivirus you are using.

If you are using Avast Antivirus, then you can follow these steps, you will find the process almost the same for most antivirus software but steps can be different depending on the antivirus software you are using.

  1. Open the Avast Antivirus, on the left side, click on the Protection tab.
  2. Now, you will see a tab Virus Chest on the right side, click on it.
  3. Now right-click on your file that was detected with the virus.
  4. Select the option Restore and add to exclusions.

After you’ve completed the process you will have your file unblocked and restored to its original path.

Now if you have checked and it is IDP.Generic, then there are several steps you will have to follow to remove it from your system.

The best and most authentic way for this is to use strong antivirus software that can deal with all the issues itself. The process can take a huge time but with these software programs, you will get many effective ways to remove these sneaky files.

You can also remove it by simply uninstalling some apps from your system on which you doubt that they can contain the virus. After you have uninstalled the specific apps, run the antivirus software again, and check if the warning is still there. As the Trojan viruses can be attached to multiple files, this may not work if you only remove one or two programs.

There’s a possibility that your system has a persistent malware infection due to which the virus is repeatedly coming back. To tackle this, you can try to remove this kind of virus without using antivirus software. To remove these virus types, you will need both the anti-malware and antivirus.

If you don’t succeed with any of the above-told methods, then you can use the System Restore option and return to a point on your system where it was not infected by IDP.Generic virus. While doing this, just make sure to select a time where you are sure that your system did not have the virus.


So, we have included almost everything that you need to know about IDP.Generic, in out today’s article. You don’t need to worry much about it, as most of the users who are affected by the virus, reported that it is just a false positive. But still, you should be careful and not ignore any warnings from your antivirus.

If you’re still facing any issue, just let us know, we would love to help you!

Thank you for reading!

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Discord Screen Share Audio not Working (Fixed) https://www.iheni.com/discord-screen-share-no-audio/ https://www.iheni.com/discord-screen-share-no-audio/#respond Mon, 17 Aug 2020 13:10:54 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=538 Inevitably, among VoIP applications, Discord is the most notable one. Online gamers majorly use it. Its Screen Share Audio feature helps them to communicate with one another during the game. Since it allows gamers to send voice and text messages. However, recently there has come an issue with Discord and reported by many gamers. Due […]

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Inevitably, among VoIP applications, Discord is the most notable one. Online gamers majorly use it. Its Screen Share Audio feature helps them to communicate with one another during the game. Since it allows gamers to send voice and text messages.

However, recently there has come an issue with Discord and reported by many gamers. Due to the error in audio, while sharing screens, they are unable to communicate with one another.

The audio feature, while sharing screens has malfunctioned, causing hindrances in the communication of users. The issue has gone beyond having outdated or broken microphones and headsets.

The Discord screen share no audio problem has been going on for a long time now, with the users feeling the void of not being able to enjoy Discord’s unique features.

This issue can be caused due to numerous reasons. On the more fundamental level, it could happen because of incorrect audio settings or your audio device not being recognized as the default device.

More issues could involve a bug or an installation error. Many times the installed version is not appropriate or compatible with your device that is why the audio doesn’t work while screens are shared.

Another factor involves Discord application not being updated correctly to enable the new settings added by the manufacturer and the old settings being removed.

These issues can be major or minor. However, inspecting them diligently you can find out what is actually wrong so that you can fix it accordingly.

Once you have identified the actual problem, you can fix it in no time. Thereby, it’s better to see what’s actually causing the disturbance.

For instance, major problems occur when administrative access is not properly granted by the system. To resolve this issue, fairly a long time would be needed.

Also, you may face the issue if drivers are not updated or your system consists of corrupted cache files.

Thereby, it is firstly recommended to look at whether the discord is properly set up or not. Here we have gathered a list of instructions to set up Discord.

How to setup Discord?

To enable this application, follow these instructions.

Go to settings, here you can customize your account according to your preferences.  You can choose your Account’s outlook the way you want.

You have to state the inputs you are using for audio and video. Choose your notification settings as per your convenience.

Make sure to have the required gadgets for proper functioning. Listed below.

What do you need for Discord?

You need three gadgets if you want Discord to function at its best.

  1. Firstly, you need a headset to filter the sounds of the background and have your focus on the audio from the screen share only.
  2. Secondly, a microphone to speak and be part of a two-way communication while playing your games and wanting to chat through audio.
  3. Thirdly, a webcam that would help you to get a high-resolution result of your videos being streamed while you are sharing screens.

The discord screen share no audio issue

The rising fame has led to the problem of overcrowding of users, which is becoming hard to manage.

Discord has tried its ways of making it work and continue its operations by communicating a message of deleting the inactive users in case of a user not sending at least 15 people a message within 2 weeks via this app to make more space.

However, the main problems for users were identified by considering a number of cases with discord screen share no audio.

With every system having its own configuration and a different set of problems, the main ones include:

  • The audio, combined with the screen share option is its preliminary stage and is not stable enough to function in the right way. It is due to the release of Discord in the beta version at the start.
  • Another issue was of a low-quality audio driver that is installed in your hardware, with it being corrupt or not operating properly. This error will make you go through major problems of discord screen share no audio
  • Administrative issues are another reason why this might happen because of your complete screen being shared with another computer. This demands administrative access to be taken on a computer. For this, you need to get elevated access so this issue can be solved.
  • Also, there are some applications that aren’t rightly connected with Discord. They don’t work correctly with the discord application, which is a dead-end and there’s no solution to it.

How to fix discord screen share with no audio issue?

With every problem, comes a solution. Likewise, there are several ways to fix the discord screen to share no audio that you can try. No need to worry at all, since it is a common issue these days.

A number of complaints have been floating on the Internet regarding this matter. So here we have jotted down an in-depth overview of why the problem is coming and how to fix it.

Before going forward with any of the recommendations, restart your system and check if the audio is still missing during the screen sharing.

Explanation 1: Accessing the administrative rights

Before the additional feature, enabling audio with screen share, Discord worked flawlessly. However, this feature has lead to the emergence of certain problems.

Basically, this option needs additional permissions for full access. Eventually, system privacy is impacted and due to this reason enabling audio with screen share option doesn’t work on normal mode as well.

Thereby, the administrative rights can be given by following below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E. Go to the location where the Discord. The program is installed in your system. Usually, it is in Local Disk C.
  2. From here, go to the executable of the application and click over properties.
  3. Press the tab named ‘Compatibility‘ and then ‘Run the program as an administrator’ next.
  4. Finally, apply the changes and open Discord again to check if the application is working properly now.

Explanation 2: Selecting the focus app/game

The Discord application normally is well updated with your activities and so, it works accordingly. Other times, Discord gets in a state of confusion whether you are screen sharing games or applications.

To address this common issue, developers have launched the option of choosing that exact app or game where you have your complete focus. Using this option is another solution.

  1. Open the application of Discord and go to ‘User Settings’.
  2. From there, you need to go to the entry of the games that are present on the navigation bar at Left.
  3. You will then have to navigate to ‘Game Activity‘ and press ‘Add’ the application where the Audio is unable to be shared correctly while you are sharing your screen.
  4. Having done all this, you have to ensure you aren’t running the application Discord as an Administrator.
  5. Also, beware of not having any of your games running in the game activity. If so, remove it from the list. After a while, add it there again and check if the app is working fine now.
  6. In case of having this problem unresolved, switch the ‘Overlay‘ feature on and check if the is still present.

Explanation 3: Using the ‘push to talk’ option

The Discord application involves catching the waves of audio activity automatically and spreads it on the Internet.

The problem arises in the ‘beta‘ version of screen sharing with audio and becomes a barrier in the proper functioning of the application.

Another way this issue of discord screen share no audio could be solved is by switching the detection of audio activity, automatically, off, and going to ‘push to talk‘.

To do this, you will have to press a key, that is mentioned in your app’s settings, to have the audio get captured and spread.


This is a big con of going for this idea but you can later undo this operation as the Discord application gets stable.

Explanation 4: Exiting the full-screen mode

A major error was detected in the application, which was discovered while the application or game in focus was being viewed in full-screen.

The screen share facility wasn’t being executed properly in this condition. This hindrance came as Discord experienced the inability to get access and permissions to the games.

This led to the audio not being able to be transmitted rightly. Hence, it is suggested to play the application or game in the minimized mode, while restarting your system before applying this fix.

For games, you can alter the settings and change them to ‘windowed‘ mode. For applications, you can work by adjusting the sides.

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Explanation 5: Check compatibility

In numerous cases, it was seen that the application or game having issues with audio had compatibility issues with the screen share option of the Discord Application or was creating various other errors.

The most significant issue with applications like these is that they have a number of processes working simultaneously.

To be precise, the process, which creates the sound, is different from the one being responsible for controlling the graphical window.

The Discord application takes the sound out from that particular window that is creating the graphical window, and so the screen sharing with audio is unable to function.

In this situation, you can only wait for Discord’s official assistance for this issue or by trying the substitutes available.

Explanation 6: Update drivers

The most vital components are the audio drivers that link your computer’s hardware with the operating system and then the applications within them like Discord.

In many cases, the old-fashioned drivers were the cause of the audio not being able to be transmitted correctly with the screen sharing facility.

For this issue, you will have to update the system by installing the latest drivers.

  1. Press R with the ‘windows’ key and type ‘devmgmt.msc‘ in the dialogue box. Now Hit enter.
  2. Next, the section of ‘Audio inputs and outputs‘ is to be expanded.
  3. You, then, have to choose the ‘uninstall device‘ option by going into the sound hardware.
  4. Right-click randomly on the screen appearing in front of you and choose ‘Scan for hardware Changes’. The system will not be scanning uninstalled hardware, finding the sound module, and installing the default drivers.
  5. Once the installation is done, restart your system and check if the problem is solved. In case it isn’t still solved, update the driver.
  6. If the updating doesn’t work, download all the latest drivers from a credible and authentic website.

Explanation 7: Delete cache

Saving users’ preferences is what Discord does regularly by using cache and roaming data. During a call, this is something done multiple times.

Because of this, the cache files that are corrupted are the root cause of the audio malfunction with screen share. Removing the cache files is the solution for the discord screens to share no audio here.

  1. Open the task manager and end the Discord and all other Discord related tasks.
  2. Press run by entering the windows key and enter ‘%appdata%‘.
  3. Once the Roaming folder opens, right-click on the Discord folder and delete it.
  4. In the end, restart your system and open Discord to see if the issue is resolved.

Why did these issues need to be fixed?

With every application that operates, errors and bugs are part of their functioning. To give the users the best experience, an application should be flawless and user-friendly

Discord is an application that the gaming community has been enjoying for a long time now. It is the most used VoiceOver application these days and has a wide customer base.

Chatting while playing games is a unique feature that Discord provides you. It has made its way at the top now in various operating systems now.

Using the suggested fixes, users are having their issues fixed and are going back to enjoy the flawless functioning of Discord.

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Origin Won’t Open Error | How to Fix It Easily (Solved) https://www.iheni.com/origin-wont-open/ https://www.iheni.com/origin-wont-open/#respond Sat, 15 Aug 2020 14:05:34 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=514 If you are an online gamer then you must be familiar with Origin. It is the best online gaming platform that lets you play multiplayer games like GTA, NFS, FIFA 20, and COD. It is a digital distribution platform for gamers. You can buy games online for PC and mobile devices by using your credit […]

The post Origin Won’t Open Error | How to Fix It Easily (Solved) appeared first on iHeni.

If you are an online gamer then you must be familiar with Origin. It is the best online gaming platform that lets you play multiplayer games like GTA, NFS, FIFA 20, and COD.

It is a digital distribution platform for gamers. You can buy games online for PC and mobile devices by using your credit card in this store.

It has multiple features among which social networking highlights profile control. It allows you to chat with friends while making game joining possible. EA games further integrated an in-game outlay as an advanced feature coupled with cloud saving and live gameplay streaming into the origin buyer.

Apart from Origin being highly interesting, you might face issues that will not allow you to open this platform. It can become a headache overnight.

However, there are simplest ways to fix Origin won’t open problem.

Methed#1. Disabling each In-Game Overlays of Origin

Overlays in the origin application do seem all elegant and fashionable. Nevertheless, you might not understand that it can be the real reason behind your Origin won’t open a problem.

Furthermore, the in-game overlays also change the frame rate drastically. On the more competitive side, it is advised to disable all Origin in-game overlays. To disable overlays, follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Launch Origin on your computer.
  • Go to Application Settings in the menu.
    Origin Application Settings
  • Now Click on Origin in-game tab.
  • Disable every one of the Origin in-game overlays.
  • Once disabled, restart your Origin App to verify if it is running sleekly.

Methed#2. Deleting Origin Cache Files Completely

Often times this error comes because of cache files. When you open Origin caches and they give the error of corrupted then might be this is the cause.

Delete the files of Origin Cache and see if the issue gets resolved or not. See the below steps for deleting the Cache files.

  1. End the Origin client from the task manager.
  2. Press the Windows + R. You will get a Run dialog box, type %ProgramData% into the dialog box, and press Enter.
  3. When ProgramData folder is open, no open Origin folder.
  4. Here delete each and every folder you see over there but make sure not to delete the localContent.
  5. Then return to Origin client to verify if the Origin client can be started as normal or not.

If you are done deleting the cache files of the Origin, it will not allow windows to open as it will require to fix its errors. If your computer still showing this error then you should opt a different approach.

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Methed#3. Reinstalling the Program

If you have carried out other procedures that cannot help you get Origin won’t open problem resolved. Now another solution that can help is to delete it first and then reinstalling origin from scratch.

If you are failing to reinstall it again and again then follow these precise steps to uninstall the Origin file completely. After the uninstallation process, install it again by going to their official website.

  1. You just have to press the Window + R together to begin up the dialog box of Run.
  2. Then, copy appwiz.cpl in the dialog box representing Run and press Enter to begin up Programs and Characteristics.
  3. Then place to the Origin application, then right-click and choose Uninstall.

Methed#4. Completing Updating Origin Client in Download Box

You might be facing the issue because an update is not completely downloaded yet. Then just stop and wait until the update is completed and then open the application again to make it work.

If you want to see if the Origin is updating in your computer desktops background, then you are required to open the task manager, go to Origin and review if it is using your Internet connection to the network side.

If you see any sign of updating, you have to wait a while and let the update to complete. After it ends, the issue might get resolved.

Methed#5. Doing a Complete Boot On Your Computer

Reinstalling the origin client can complete the transaction if it was Origin’s error. Considering it hasn’t resolved anything for you and you seem at other answers, it’s time to imagine huge. It might be due to your computer receiving in the form of your software running frequently.

What you can make is implement a complete boot on your computer. There are two methods to solve Origin won’t open as you can follow this measure. Unless you might reinstall your operating system and everything on your disc or hold disabling settings and see which ones the error.

  1. Click “Win+R” and press“Run” on the upcoming window.
  2. After the run window opens, type “msconfig” to start the System Configuration window.
  3. In the system’s configuration, click “Services” tab.
  4. Bow Check “Hide all Microsoft services,” so you don’t randomly switch off Microsoft’s settings.
  5. Press the “Disable All” to disable each service currently operating on your computer.
  6. Then head over to the “Startup” part.
  7. In the startup part, click the “Open Task Manager” to control the task manager.
  8. Disable each service in a startup.
  9. Then Close Task Manager and then press “OK” on the previous window.
  10. After that restart your computer to make certain all adjustments are done.

Methed#6. Operating a Compatibility Troubleshooter

If you are facing the not compatibility of an origin file on your on-going windows setup, you might be facing this error on your computer. However, you can solve the problem by operating the compatibility troubleshooter process to resolve the error.

To check the problems and currents errors throughout the process of compatibility troubleshooter, then focus on these measures.

  1. At first, you have to click right on the Origin client on your dedicated computer and click straight to the properties from the context menu.
  2. In the second step, you have to open the tab of compatibility and then select the run compatibility troubleshooter to get the appropriate recommendations.
  3. At this step, you have to click try recommended settings to inquire run the entire program by using the recommended compatibility settings. Go through the prompts to review if the suggested compatibility settings can solve Origin won’t open on your Windows 10.
  4. If the suggested compatibility settings don’t run, rerun the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. Then click the Troubleshoot program to determine compatibility settings yourself and troubleshoot the problem.

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These are all the potential solutions for the Origin won’t open the problem you are suffering. Many players have attempted and experimented with these to run their Origin back repeatedly.

If you are concerned about Origin won’t open right on the game sitting, then you should give some time to make it start itself as it takes little time to adjust.

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How to Get or Use iMessage on PC https://www.iheni.com/imessage-on-pc/ https://www.iheni.com/imessage-on-pc/#respond Mon, 10 Aug 2020 11:39:00 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=506 Do you want to get iMessage (Instant Message) on Windows or Android phones? Although iMessage service is available to only Apple devices like MAC, iPads, and iPhones. We have several alternatives to get iMessage on Windows. Many people enjoy chatting through WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook messenger, but the most popular way of chatting is iMessage […]

The post How to Get or Use iMessage on PC appeared first on iHeni.

Do you want to get iMessage (Instant Message) on Windows or Android phones? Although iMessage service is available to only Apple devices like MAC, iPads, and iPhones. We have several alternatives to get iMessage on Windows.

Many people enjoy chatting through WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook messenger, but the most popular way of chatting is iMessage only. But the question is, how can we get iMessage on the window? I recommend you the best and easiest way to use these instant messages on Windows and Android phones in the article down below.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is an online chat software developed by Apple Inc in 2011. It is the best alternative for SMS and MMS and the most popular technology used at this time. You can avail of this service by registering an email address or phone number with Apple. iPhones and iPads users have access to iMessage through messaging APP.

The iMessage appears in blue bubbles and seems more beautiful than SMS, which looks green. Apple users can easily send videos, photos, locations, contacts, and data information to another apple user.

Features of iMessage

One of the best messaging services provided by Apple to send and receive contact, locations, and any type of media has gained popularity among Android users and people who want to get these messages on Windows.

Following are the fantastic features of iMessage:

  • For better communication, iMessage sends you delivery reports.
  • It has a unique interface with the best graphic properties.
  • No third party is involved when you send your data information.
  • It is the fastest way to send and receive media like videos, audios, and photos.
  • You can instantly react to images by emojis and smiles.
  • With its extensive features, it is easy to make a group for group chat just by a single click.

Use iMessage service to type at a faster speed on Windows PC with more ease. You can send unlimited texts, documents, and photos by a single click.

How to Get iMessage on Windows PC?

You can use several techniques to get iMessage on Android and PC. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have access to blue bubble messages. I have enlisted below the easiest and simple methods to use iMessage.

  • Method 1: Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Method 2: Free Emulator – iPadian
  • Method 3: Jailbreak iPhone
  • Method 4: iMessage using Bluestack Emulator
  • Method 5: iMessage history on PC
  • Method 6: Best Alternative of “iMessage for Windows.”

Method 1-Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop
Image: Google Chrome

One of the simplest ways that many websites recommend is to use iMessage service on PC is Chrome Remote Desktop. But chrome remote desktop extension requires MAC connected to the internet. You need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: At first, go to Google’s official website and type here, “Chrome Remote Desktop.”

Step 2: Click on “Add to Chrome” and wait for its complete download and then install it in the chrome browser.

Step 3: Now, you have to launch this app.

Step 4: Now, you have to download the host installer named “Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer” for the chrome remote desktop.

Step 5: After downloading, install it on your MAC.

Step 6: Now, set your security pin or password. Use chrome remote desktop to get 12 digit code, which you have to copy-paste. In this way, you have acquired access to MAC.

Step 7: Follow the instructions and finish further processing.

Follow the simple steps mentioned above to get access to iMessage service quickly.

Method 2-Free emulator – iPadian


As you know, there are many emulators used by people to have access to many games and apps which are not available for Windows and Androids. The most famous Emulator is iPadian, used all over the world. It is the most trustable free Emulator to get access to the IOS app on PC. Many other IOS emulators are available like:

  • APP.IO
  • SmartFace
  • MobiOne Studio
  • iPhone Simulator

To install iPadian software, follow the bellowed necessary steps.

Step 1: Download the iPadian Emulator from the official website.

Step 2: After downloading, run the Emulator for free.

Step 3: Accept all the Terms and Conditions which appear in the next window.

Step 4: After complete installation, you have to launch the iPadian software.

Step 5: Now, you have to search for the iMessage app in the search bar.

Step 6: Download this APP, and to install this APP follow the instruction given on the screen.

Undoubtedly you have got access to iMessage through the installed APP. Sign up now and enjoy the most popular messaging service on your PC.

Method 3-Jailbreak your iPhone

Cydia Software

In addition to other methods, one method is to jailbreak your iPhone. However, it not a preferable method because once you get jailbreaking, the Apple services provided by Apple’s company will no longer be available. But most of the people use this method to get access to iMessage. If you want to use this jailbreaking method, we recommend taking all backups of your device with iTunes or iCloud.

You can use the Cydia software in this method, which provides a wide variety of themes and tweaks for your device.

Step 1: Download the Cydia Software from its official website and install it.

Step 2: Now, you have to buy “Remote Messages” these messages use the IOS interface to replicate many other functions.

Step 3: Go to settings to and tap on Authentication to enable remote messages.

Step 4: By entering the IP address of your iPhone, you will be able to access a modified web browser. Set your username and password to sign-up.

Step 5: Set your username and password to sign-up.

Step 6: Download the “iMessage” app from the app store.

Step 7: Now, you have to sign-in to start chatting with your friends and family.

Now you have done with all steps to download iMessage for Windows. Enjoy the incredible features of iMessage because it a dream for a PC user to get access to iMessages.

Method 4-iMessage using Bluestacks Emulator

Image: Bluestacks

Use a well-known method to get iMessages by using free Emulators. Bluestacks is the most feasible way to download the iMessages as its procedure to install is somewhat similar to the iPadian Emulator.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Bluestack and start downloading by pressing the download button.

Step 2: Open the downloaded Exe. File. To install it, accept all terms and conditions.

Step 3: Now open the Emulator and search for “iMessage” in the search bar.

Step 4: Install the messaging app and sign-up to enjoy unlimited messages.

Hurray! You have got access iMessage for Windows without using Jail-break or any other method.

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Method 5-iMessage History on PC

You can use third-party tools to have access to iMessage History on PC. I highly recommend The “Free iPhone Data Recovery.” Using it, you can get all your deleted messages even you have no access to the backup.

To use this fully compatible way to get iMessage to follow the below-enlisted steps:

Step 1: Download the “Free iPhone Data Recovery” and then install it

Step 2: From listed data types, you have to select message attachment and then click on “Next”.

Step 3: To scan messages connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC by using data cable.

Step 4: After complete scanning, you can recover your deleted messages.

Step 5: Now click on the “Recover” button and save your deleted messages.

No doubt, Only iPhone provides the service to recover deleted messages.

Method 6-Best Alternatives of “iMessage for Windows.”

Officials do not authorize the methods mentioned above. You have to use the best and simple alternatives to get access to iMessage on your PC. Several apps are introduced legally to get iMessages, which I am going to tell you.

WhatsApp for PC

As you know, WhatsApp is available for Android and IOS devices. But now WhatsApp for Windows has been launched officially. To use WhatsApp in your PC, you just have to scan the code of your WhatsApp mobile. Boom! You can chat with your friends, see stories, and post stories. But audio and video call feature are not available right now. WhatsApp is the best alternative to get iMessages on PC.

Facebook Messenger

An excellent platform to chat with your friends, which is already available for Android, IOS, and Windows users. It has all the features of iMessage like you can send GIFs, emojis, audio calls, video calls, and photos. It provides you a better platform to connect with your friends and family.


Well! The most searched question “how to use iMessage on PC” is solved now. I have explained all the possible ways and methods to get access to iMessage for Windows. I am recommending you all these methods with full trust as I have tried these methods myself. You can enjoy all the exclusive and impressive features of iMessage.

I have tried to cover all the queries in the above articles related to iMessage. But you can also use iPads and Facebook messenger to enjoy with blue bubble message effects.

I hope that Apple Company will soon provide iMessage service to all the devices, including Windows.

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Minecraft Color Codes | All Color Codes for Minecraft https://www.iheni.com/minecraft-color-codes/ https://www.iheni.com/minecraft-color-codes/#respond Fri, 07 Aug 2020 15:06:07 +0000 https://www.iheni.com/?p=486 Minecraft is the most played 3D graphic sandbox video game. If you happen to be one of the millions of the Minecraft players then you must be familiar with the color codes.  Minecraft color codes are used to change the appearance of text, armor, and the color of your team. On this page, you can […]

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Minecraft is the most played 3D graphic sandbox video game. If you happen to be one of the millions of the Minecraft players then you must be familiar with the color codes.  Minecraft color codes are used to change the appearance of text, armor, and the color of your team. On this page, you can get all these Minecraft color codes which can easily change the format of your favorite game.

This game comes with 3D graphics and a wide variety of color codes. Undoubtedly, It is the most downloaded 3D game in history and ranked on the top of the play store.  If you have ever visited the top section of the play store then you must have found the Minecraft on the top section of the Playstore.

At this platform, your desire to play this game on your own terms can come true. Just keep on reading.


Minecraft is a 3D video game with unique gameplay and fascinating features. As every gamer desires to play a video game with the best features like multi-player mode, best gameplay, and customization of unique features.

It provides the player a cross-platform such as PC and Android devices. With this feature, you can play this game with your friends or invite them to enjoy its unique gameplay. Players of this game can explore and create endless buildings.

The massive multi-player feature of this video game allows you to play against friends or you can compete with them. You can spend your quality time exploring different modes of the game such as survival mode, hardcore mode, creative mode, and adventurous mode.

Minecraft Color Code

Minecraft video game has 16 in-built color codes that help the player to change the color of text and armor. By using Minecraft color codes players can customize their team and appearance of text in the game.

Exploration and crafting is the basic task of the player. Also, it offers complete freedom to create their World with 3D blocks. The color codes and styles offer customization of in-game text and this is the primary task of color codes. You can bold, paint, or italic the text characters to express your emotions on other players.

Secondly, The player of the game can change the color of the team using the Minecraft color code. In this way, you can enjoy your precious time to play the games with admirable color codes.

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How to use Color Codes

If you want to use Minecraft color codes you have to find symbol § in Bedrock Edition of your Android devices and PC. The different numbers from 0-9 and letters from A-F create different colors and effects on the text and appearance of the team.

To change the color of the text you just have to press color code before the text. The color codes can bold the message sent to several servers in the game. As your message tells your emotions and thinking while playing, this message can contain the color codes.

There are different categories of color codes in the Minecraft video game. Below is the list of Minecraft color codes:

  • Chat code
  • MOTD (Message of the day) code
  • Color code
  • Decimal code
  • Hexadecimal code

How to use the section sign

The location of this symbol varies according to the platform you are using to play the game. The section sign § can be activated for the Linux system by using the compose key.

If you are using Android mobile devices symbol may be present in the keypad. And in IOS devices it may appear on pressing “& key’ followed by the symbol. But if you are playing this game on PC you have to press “Alt key”  followed by 0,1,6 or 7 keys. Furthermore, it may appear by pressing the “Alt + 2” key.

To use all the color codes you just have to press section sign along with different keys.

Color codes

If you have found the section sign on your keypad or keyboard then you can easily use these color codes for customization of texts, armor, styles, and team.

Enlisted below are the 16 in-built Minecraft color codes:

Color Chat Code MOTD Code Hexa Code Decimal Code
Black §0 \u00A70 000000 0
White §f \u00A7f FFFFFF 16777215
Gray §7 \u00A77 08080 11184810
Dark gray §8 \u00A78 A9A9A9 5592405
Red §c \u00A7c FF0000 16733525
Dark red §4 \u00A74 8B000 11141120
Yellow §e \u00A7e FFFF00 16777045
Gold §6 \u00A76 FFD700 16755200
Green §a \u00A7a 008000 5635925
Dark green §2 \u00A72 006400 43520
Blue §9 \u00A79 0000FF 5592575
Dark blue §1 \u00A71 00008B 170
Aqua §b \u00A7b 00FFFF 5636095
Dark aqua §3 \u00A73 00AAAA 43690
Light purple §d \u00A7d FF55FF 16733695
Dark purple §5 \u00A75 AA00AA 11141290


In the above-mentioned table, the color depicts the name of the color in Minecraft. Chat code is used to chat while playing. MOTD Codes are messages of the day colors. The hexadecimal and decimal codes indicate the value of color in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Style Codes

Minecraft styles code is used to modify styles of text in the game. Following is the list of Minecraft style codes.

Description Chat Code MOTD Code
Bold §1 \u00A7l
Italic §o \u00A7o
Underline §n \u00A7n
Strikethrough §m \u00A7m
Default color §r \u00A7r

You can use all these codes and formats to customize the 3D video game. The player can enjoy the astonishing features of the game. Use this great range of color and style codes to change the format of the game.


Minecraft comes with different and unique color codes. Minecraft color codes provide more amusement to the player with amazing features. In this game, there are several modes of playing and buildings to explore with 3D graphics. The gradient color collection of Minecraft allows the player to format according to their desires.

The player can use these colors on the homepage to modify the style of texting and color of the text. A wide variety of colors provides more amazing interfaces to explore. Minecraft has inspired lots of players with excellent 3D graphics and color codes.

Download the Minecraft game with all its graphics, color codes, style codes, and many more amazing features. So what are you waiting for? Download it to enjoy!

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