Goodbye BBC…hello TPG

Today is my last day at BBC before I join the insanely talented crew over at the Paciello Group.

It’s with a really heavy heart that I leave BBC as I have loved every minute of it. I’ve worked in a small team with two of my favourite people, Gareth Ford Williams and Ian Pouncey, and worked on some wonderful projects with even more hugely talented people. I’ve been lucky as it’s not often you get to work on products you actually use let alone love such as the BBC Olympics,  BBC iPlayer for the web, iPlayer mobile, the BBC Standard Media Player (watch this space), Chromecast, the Weather apps, Radio Player and more.

I have to say a special thank you to Gareth who let me realise what I’d wanted to do for 6 years which is write the BBC Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines.  While written with BBC products, culture and practice in mind we have been able to publish these under an Open Government Licence which is great. He has been incredibly supportive, trusting and let me just get on with it. He has also made me laugh (mostly at him) every day. Ian’s made what we do at BBC possible by being a calm voice of reason and (crucially) is remarkably unflappable  by my stupid questions. Thanks Ian.

I’ve known TPG a long time and have worked with Steve Faulkner, Gez Lemon, Hans Hillen, Léonie Wastson, Patrick Lauke, David Sloan, Charlie Pike and Mike Paciello before at various points in my career. I’m proud to be able to call of them friends so it will be a treat for me to be formally working with them. I’m also looking forward to dipping into their combined genius and learning what I can.

At TPG I will be focusing on mobile platforms and audio video. Two areas of the web that I love and consider key.

So thank you BBC, Gareth, Ian and everyone, and hello TPG!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye BBC…hello TPG

  1. Thank you Henny for all your support, help and expert guidance – you were the lynchpin in creating the most accessible and usable version of iPlayer we’ve ever had. Best of luck and have fun at TPG.

  2. Congratulations! Jeez, it feels like TPG is just hoovering up all the a11y people in the world….

    End to the commute from hell? Yay!

  3. The BBC Standard Media Player is the best, most accessible player we’ve ever had. This has only happened because of your expert knowledge, patience and collaborative working with my team.

    It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you Henny, I count you as a friend. Huge congrats and good luck for your new role at TPG.

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