How was the first day? Bl**dy cold!

Well, Henny appears to have survived the first day handling sled and huskies, even if the temperature isn’t quite what she’d prefer. At least they’re still all together, and since she didn’t say anything about being lost in the wilderness, I’m assuming the rest of the sledging team are there too. Hopefully, they’ve reached the cabin where they’re scheduled to spend the first night.

I spoke to her briefly this evening after she texted me to ask for the area code for Gloucester, of all things. Turned out a journalist from BBC Radio Gloucester left a message on her mobile asking her to phone back to do a short interview, but only left the end bit of his/her phone number! They plan to run the piece in their news bulletins tomorrow morning. Not to be missed! And they plan to do another interview tomorrow evening. So worth listening in again on Wednesday morning too. Assuming she’s still able to get a signal on the phone. Come to think of it, how come she can get a good signal in the snowy emptiness of northern Norway, and I can’t get a decent signal west of Reading?! Hmph!

When I spoke to her, she’d just spent an hour and a half preparing reindeer meat soup and chunks of frozen reindeer meat for her team of huskies – I doubt she’ll be spending as long getting her own food ready… 🙂