It’s not over til the man in the reindeer suit yodels

Phone been frozen hence no text. 8 hour day yesterday with 3 in the dark following a trail up river. minus 30 with wind chill. Hard but worth every second. got 2 cabin and was serenaded by man in raindeer coat who yodeled 4 my b day. Tuesday slept in cabin by lake called swan lake on hill. Had 2 drill hole in it for water. Had Ribina, snow and vodka “dakaris” then put on bikini and arctic suit and ran down hill for a sauna…rolled in the snow not once but twice to get that all important photo but the camera steamed up!

Went across proper arctic land scape today, just like a desert made of snow, and also a lake just like in the Rover ad. Last leg tomorrow then off to the ice hotel! Loving every second and never been so hungary in my life!