Suff4sam hits over £27,000

It’s just hit two years since I started raising money for Sam, a 3 year old friend who was paralysed from the neck down in a car crash. Over this time literally hundreds of people have got involved contributing their time and effort to help raise money to buy Sam a specialised buggy, FES exercise bike arm extensions and much more. A huge thank you to everyone! If you want to find out more and get involved come and visit us at Stuff4sam or join the Stuff4sam group on Facebook or in Second Life.

2 thoughts on “Suff4sam hits over £27,000

  1. Hi Henni,
    I was the twit who asked for a t-shirt last night in Guildford. well I thought it was a pretty cool question & it raised a laugh!?%@ Excellent presentation, I made sure that I checked my sites using the though I couldn’t find reference to ‘moderniser’ you mentioned.

    Anyway, my real reason for contacting you is I can help you to raise cash for Sam! we are distributors for the Utilility Warehouse Discount Club, a PLC based in London – heard of them? perhaps not as they don’t advertise, instead relying on word of mouth. They pass the money they save from not advertising onto the customers. Which? magazine rates them highly. The interesting bit is that you can sign up as a fund raiser thus the company will contribute 5% of the proceeds from anybody you get into the club to Sam, EVERY MONTH! Just look at your own household bill, 5% of that is worth having, and 5% of 100 peoples bills is much better. Oh, yes, OK so we’d get 1%, that’s the selfish bit.

    So what do you like best about that, customers saving money forever, or Sam getting the funds forever?….

    We like both.
    If you are intrepid enough to find out more, do give my wife June, or me a call.
    Ralph & June Dalton,
    Independent Distributors,
    The Utility Warehouse Discount Club.
    01483 901190
    free 0800 083 8554
    mobile 07956 885398

  2. Hi Ralph – I thought it was a fair question worthy of a t-shirt just because you were prepared to ask it!

    Thanks for pointing out the fund raising stuff. There’s no easy way to say this but we lost Sam earlier this year as well as Neil and Kazumi – his parents. I don’t really want to say anything about it other than point you to the stuff4sam site that myself and friends ran to raise money for Sam. Here you will find more information.
    We no longer raise money for Sam but do encourage people to donate to Spinal Research on his, Neil and Kazumi’s behalf. Details are on Stuff4Sam.

    Cheers, Henny

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