Supporting #080808 from #LDN2012, 中国 加油!

As the Olympics kicked of in style on Friday so too, unsurprisingly, did the Twitter. But rather than simply let Tweets about the Beijing Olympics get drowned out by everything else getting discussed on Twitter the 080808 campaign swung into action. The brainchild if Steve Lin aka Flypig, Wang Li’ang aka Webleon and Chloe Gu aka Babechloe, the campaign requires “#080808” to be included in a Twitter update so that it can be easily indexed by Tweet Scan or Twitter Search. Twitterers also showed support by switching Twitter avatars to include the tag #080808 a collection of which have been aggregated by Yuki.Ncan.

The campaign is not limited to Twitter however. It has spread so that the #080808 tag can be used to tag any online content (Flickr pics, YouTube videos, text blog postings, Technorati / Google Blogsearch, etc.). Junyu Wang has set up a 080808 mash-up that aggregates all the latest multimedia postings tagged “#080808″ into a single, simple interface.

If you want to know more and get involved checkout the 080808 website.

Perhaps London 2012 should get ahead with setting up its own tag now “#LDN2012”.

中国 加油 #080808 from LDN2012!

中国 加油 #080808 from LDN2012!