Alternatives on Android

I’ve always felt that making native apps accessible is slightly easier than websites partly because they’re more streamlined in terms of their UX but also because you’re only dealing with one programming language. If you’re looking for an easy place to start making your app accessible you can give it a boost by adding text alternatives for images, buttons… Continue Reading Alternatives on Android

The screen reader FA Cup

Here’s a quick round up of some of my favourite things that screen readers announce incorrectly. Note this is all using British English unless otherwise stated. ‘Slough’ – A less than salubrious town just outside London in the UK announced as ‘Sloth’… Hat tip @DesignedByBlind ‘Home page’ – Announced as ‘Homie paage’ it’s good to… Continue Reading The screen reader FA Cup

User testing observations with disabled mobile users

Below are a handful of observations from user testing on mobile websites and applications I’ve seen recently. All users had some form of disability including people with limited mobility, sight impairments, cognitive impairments  dyslexia or hearing loss. Testing was carried out using Android or iOS with blind users accessing using the TalkBack or VoiceOver screen readers respectively.… Continue Reading User testing observations with disabled mobile users