The Mutley Crew

The Mutley Crew

We have the technology. We have a signal. We have pictures, live (well, almost) from the arctic circle. We might even see the nice side of the dogs sometime soon.

Message from Henny;

Staying by Swan Lake tonight. So cold today, my eyelashes froze which makes blinking interesting. My dogs are still behaving like speed freaks – just spent another half hour chasing after the sled.

13 thoughts on “The Mutley Crew

  1. Nothing wrong with a nice bushy tail or four. If I was on the sled (and this is, I know, at the extreme end of hypothetical), I’d definitely want to see four tails pointed in my direction, rather than four sets of sharp husky teeth grinning at me! 🙂

  2. WOW!!! Thats so cool! Fantastic to see a photo, I really believe she is there now and not just having a secret week off in South London. It looks really easy getting pulled across the nice flat plains – am sure it gets a bit tougher when going uphill. 🙂

  3. Seeing the photo is amazing – it looks absolutely stunning and I was SO jealous, until I read about chasing a sled for half an hour with frozen eyelashes… Now I’m kind of thinking – send more photos! and I’ll look at them on the PC with a large mug of tea to hand!

    In all seriousness though – major kudos to you for what you are doing and especially for the amount of money you have raised – the fundraising team may start head-hunting you soon!!!

  4. Happy birthday, Henny! Hope those hounds behave themselves today. We will raise a cup of tea and toast you later and promise you a large drink when you get back.

  5. Very many Happy Returns on your Birthday, Henny. Can you warm up over your candlelit Birthday cake? You may have to add a candle or two.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEN. Hope things are going well. It sounds cold, but well worthwhile. Looking forward to celebrating with you when you’re back. Great to see a photo of you in action.

  7. Happy Birthday Hennifer! Congratulations on making it through the first few days. Will drink to you and no doubt the copious hot toddies you’re having tonight!

  8. Picturing you legging it after the dogs is worth every penny! Well done Hen can’t wait to hear all your stories.
    Love Kirst

  9. Nice one el Dogmother! You superstar! Looking forward to celebrating with you on your return – what an achievement!

  10. Happy birthday baby!! You are doing fantastically!

    We are at i net cafe in Egypt – have spent day in 5 star hotel getting massages and facials – feel a bit guilty but not that much – mad love from the sun to the cold BIG WARM WET NILE DELTA KISSES xo L and S

  11. Thank you everyone for your comments, quite suprised to see so many of you one here!

    Bunckle Daisy and Ann – the hip flask and hand warmers were a life saver although the hip flask was frozen most of the time. It came into its own in the evenings though having a quick slurp before the mad dash to the outside loos in a frozen icebox in the middle of the night…

    Luce and Soph, who swapped who for camels to pay your bar bill off?

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