time to defrost

Sunset at around 3pm.

Back in one piece after covering well over 250k in what can be described as the most extreme and cold environment I’ve ever been in. Having arrived in – 8, temperatures dropped to – 35. Mad cold but that’s what Iwent there for, to see what it’s really like.
Only fell off the sled once although I did do bit of body surfing hanging off the back when the brakes slipped…

I’m amazed by the amount of sponsorship you’ve all raised and can’t thank you enough, just under £7500 is incredible. Thank you.
I’ll be updating the dog sledding page with stories about the trip and uploading photo’s when fully defrosted, which I plan to do down the pub this afternoon.

Thank you mod, dms and pixeldiva for the blogging!

13 thoughts on “time to defrost

  1. Well done Hen! You really are an inspiration. Glad you’re back in one piece and suitably thawed. xxx

  2. Congrats on making it round in one piece Henny. It sounds like an incredible experience and what an achievement!

    Are you sure you didn’t step foot or paw in a Landrover like the ad on tele?

    Looking forward to hearing your wintery tales over a hot toddy.

  3. well done, Henny. I was wondering how you were and came looking. Glad you are still in one piece. We, at the uigarden, are waiting for that promised drink!

  4. henpen, you’ve really gone + done it!! hard to imagine it all even with the pics, but would love to hear more + have a belated birthday drink soonXXX ps. well done for not getting lost or anything..

  5. It was a real joy to have met you Henny, you are a very special person and everyone is better for meeting you. What a 32nd birthday, one I bet you will never forget…..we won’t. Keep in touch.

  6. Hen,
    Been trying to promote your feat at work for more sponsorship…Only you could have a pub named after you (in Suffolk)….perhaps where we should go to celebrate???

    Can’t wait for more photos!


  7. Congratulations!!!!! Glad you made it round in one (frozen piece). I take you be staying clear of Iceland for a while 😉

    I think your next task should the London Marathon!

  8. 32? London Marathon? Nothing to do with me, clearly on the wrong blog…although I did get a wrinkle on my birthday which I put down to not putting on moisturizer as I was told it would freeze.

  9. Hello Big-Hen
    I can’t believe I missed all your pre-trip emails and that today is the first time I’ve come to your site.
    What an achievement! Let me know if you still want sponsorship, or rather you were rewarded in brandies and hot toddies. Little-Tash xxx

  10. Little-Tash,

    Sponsorship please! Itching to get to 8k…hot toddies also not a bad idea as flat broke and contemplating living off the office swear box till pay day…

    Big-Hen x

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