Trying to explain web standards to my Mum

None of my home or university mates work on the web and I’m often asked “But what is it you actually do?” to which I reply “Web standards” and give as good an explanation I can normally along this lines of “Buildings have to be built to standards right? Well so do websites…”.

I normally get muted nods and I think my Mum has just given up.

Fail enough really because as far as they’re concerned what I do is non-standard; I’m not a film maker, writer, retailer, doctor, project manager or any of those professions that have been around a while.

In this video, Jeffrey Zeldman, who founded the Web Standards Project, explains what web standards are, why we have them and why they benefit website owners, developers and users alike.

Over to you Mr Zeldman…

2 thoughts on “Trying to explain web standards to my Mum

  1. Indeed, the ultimate test. That said my Mum is one of the most clued up people I know when it comes to all things Mac.

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