Web standards round up for China

I just posted a Buzz article about web standards in China on the Web Standards Project (WaSP) website. When over there in October I spent time with some really smart developers and students talking about web standards and trying to better understand the situation in China. The article is really a round-up of a few top level observations as there is so much to learn and understand.

I’m hoping that over the coming months the International Liaison Group part of WaSP can get more articles up about what is going on in different countries around the world and get more translated resources out there. As a native English speaker it’s easy for me to take for granted the amount of resources in English available to me.

My blog is blocked in China and WaSP isn’t so I’ve closed comments here so comments can all be visible over on WaSP. If you have any thoughts let us know there.

Finally a huge thank you to JunChen Wu who gave up his precious Sunday afternoon to translate the article.