Why PDFs suck!

Over on the RNIB Web Access Centre blog I’ve just posted about Why PDFs suck! because really, they do.

PDFs get a rough press when it comes to accessibility and understandably so as most PDFs on the web today are not accessible. I thought I’d turn the spotlight on the much maligned thorn in many a web site owners side, and look at some of the reasons why PDFs are inaccessible. The article looks at some of reasons behind why PDFs suck that are not about the technology itself but how we (the web designer, the content author, the content commissioner, the manager, the policy maker) use it and what we can do to start changing PDFs on the web.

Read Why PDFs suck!

2 thoughts on “Why PDFs suck!

  1. Hi Henny,

    Did you see… David Stevenson (formerly of Adobe) has written a 2-page article about accessible PDF in the current issue of Ability magazine.

    Fully support your article on the RNIB site (unsurprisingly!).


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