4 Ways Your Agency Can Make Clients Happier

The success of any agency lies in the strength of the relationships they build with their clients. It’s been proven that most consumers would much rather spend more money if a business guarantees superb customer experience, and would gladly look for a solution elsewhere if they don’t feel heard, understood, respected, and appreciated.

Working face-to-face with clients you have to be aware of the things that may make them unhappy, as well as things that can increase their satisfaction with your agency.

1. Show Your Appreciation

It’s in human nature to seek acknowledgment. Both in our private and our professional lives there are things that others do, which make us feel appreciated, and those things can have a huge impact on the strength of our relationships. This not only applies to our connection with loved ones but also with clients.

When it comes to agency-client connection, aside from doing everything in our power to help them on their journey to success, small gestures like remembering what they told you about them, or corporate gifts, can make for a lasting mutually beneficial relationship. For some businesses, it can be hard to achieve an emotional connection with their clients. And while emotions may sometimes be bad for business, when it comes to gaining and deserving your client’s trust and loyalty, relating on a personal level can be very welcomed.

Since the dawn of time humans have been giving gifts to show appreciation and strengthen connections. To get the best results, look for corporate gift ideas that suit your particular situation, something relevant to the occasion that matches your client’s taste. However, remember that gifts alone can’t be expected to make your clients happy. Even the best gift can’t fix a bad relationship that’s not based on good communication, understanding, and trust.

2. Be Honest

Regardless of what kind of agency you are running, when clients come to you, they often have some unrealistic expectations. One common mistake among professionals offering any type of service is to promise the impossible, simply to keep a client. But when you aren’t able to deliver what you have promised clients will most certainly not be happy.

And while losing a client may not seem like a huge loss or a big risk, it may harm your brand and cost you dearly. Of course, by being honest you may lose some prospects to your competitors, but remember that It’s far more difficult to recover from a smeared reputation than from a rejection.

3. Go the Extra Mile

While learning about your client, as an expert, you may see things that your client can’t. And even though sometimes this may mean that they have unrealistic expectations, it may also mean that they are missing out on some opportunities.

For instance, during working on their project, you may find a way to save your client time or money, while still delivering the desirable results, or you may discover something that might improve their efforts. If something like that happens, don’t hesitate to do it.

4. Communicate

To be happy, clients should feel welcomed rather than like an annoyance. They should feel as if you are their partner interested in helping them achieve their goals. Establishing good communication from the first time you meet them is the only way to understand your client’s needs, expectations, and goals. Without this, it’s impossible to do a good job.

If your client doesn’t feel like you understand them, who they are, and what they are trying to do, or if they don’t believe you are interested in learning all of that, they will never feel satisfied. But, remember that client happiness comes in stages and is earned constantly, and a great first impression is nothing without follow-through.

So, after they hire you, you have to continue communicating with them. Good communication means listening, being honest and clear, staying in touch with the client, checking in with them, keeping them in the loop, being available, responding quickly, being patient, asking for feedback, etc.

In Short

Customer satisfaction is crucial for the success of any business, in any industry. Keeping their clients happy is the best strategy for any agency to ensure success. When clients are satisfied with your work and your relationship, not only will they continue working with you but, in a way, they will also become your advertisement. Remember that your client’s success story is your own success story.

Understanding your client’s business, their needs, their goals, and doing your best to help achieve them is the first step to making them happy. However, doing more is what can keep you ahead of your competition and help you retain your clients. This requires showing appreciation, constantly working on your relationship with them, and always trying to do more.


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