5 Mobile Apps Made for (and Loved By) Entrepreneurs

Mobile apps can not only help you further your personal life, but they can also enhance the way you do business. From changing the way you communicate to allowing you to do work while on the move, there’s truly an app for everything.

But what do you look for in an app? How do you know what app will help enhance your company? Should you spend time learning how to use new apps?

Entrepreneurs need to take advantage of any tool they can to help them get ahead of competitors and grow as fast as they can.

Here are some suggestions from other entrepreneurs who have tested a variety of apps and have decided what ones are helpful.

#1. OFFTIME app

The OFFTime app has helped me balance my business with other distractions on the Internet, like social media, sports scores, and the latest breaking news. This app has helped me get rid of the habit of using my constantly and it no longer gets in the way of my work.

Do you find yourself scrolling through social media when you should be working? Are you someone who finds yourself in a rabbit hole of contentment in the middle of the day?

There are a lot of distractions out there these days and time is literally money when you are an entrepreneur. By using an app like this, you can cut down on wasting your time and allow you to focus on your to-do list.

OFFTIME – Digital disconnection
OFFTIME – Digital disconnection

-Submitted by Donny Gamble, Owner of Retirement Investments.

#2. Signal

Online privacy has never been more important and, for an entrepreneur, you need to keep everything safe. Nowadays, your files, contacts, photos, and more live on your mobile phone and are susceptible to hackers.

A signal is just one of the apps I use to stay safe as an entrepreneur. It allows me to message clients, coworkers, and collaborators in an extremely safe way without being fearful of having them intercepted.

I’m a cybersecurity expert and I know what makes a good security app. The signal is one of the good apps for being safe online!

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

-Submitted by Andy Michael of VPNTesting.

#3. Sworkit

As a fitness professional and an entrepreneur, I’ve had to balance both my professional work and my personal well-being. I mean, what type of entrepreneur would I be if I didn’t live by the advice I’ve been giving for years? But I’ll be honest, I struggled with staying active while working so much.

Sworkit is a personal trainer app that creates personal workouts for users that they can do without any formal training or fancy equipment.

I know entrepreneurs who live by this app and do the workouts in their office a few times to do in order to make sure they get their daily workouts in and that is why it’s crucial to keep your living space clean. This app has created some great programs and they really know what they’re talking about. As a fitness professional, take it from me!

Sworkit Fitness – Workouts
Sworkit Fitness – Workouts
‎Sworkit Fitness & Workout App
‎Sworkit Fitness & Workout App

-Submitted by Jeff Parke, Fitness Professional with Top Fitness Mag.

#4. Wave Financial

The Wave Financial app has helped me streamline some of my processes as an entrepreneur and let me focus on bettering my company, not doing paperwork.

From general accounting tasks, invoicing, making payments, doing payroll, and more. The Wave app has it all and truly is a lifesaver for me on a daily basis. There’s nothing better than finding an app that makes your daily tasks as easy (and quick) as possible so I can move on to other things!

Wave: Small Business Software
Wave: Small Business Software
Developer: Wave HQ
Price: Free

-Submitted by Gaurav Dhir of Help and Wellness.

#5. Later

As a business owner who focuses on marketing and social media accounts for my company, I’ve always been looking for an app that helps save me time but is more effective.

The Later app helps me schedule posts, track up-to-the-minute engagement, and share updates with colleagues. Everything happens in real time and at the touch of a button. Not only is it useful and time-saving, but it can truly push your social media game forward like you never thought possible.

This app is modern, easy to use, and helps me make sure that my posts (as well as my client’s posts) look as good as they should!

Later: Social Media Scheduler
Later: Social Media Scheduler
Developer: Later.com
Price: Free
‎Later: Social Media Scheduler
‎Later: Social Media Scheduler

-Submitted by Mia Clarke of Invertpro.


By embracing technology, we can grow as entrepreneurs and individuals. Other people have created apps to help you grow in this life and you are missing an opportunity if you don’t take a chance on them.

These entrepreneurs have found apps to help them find a comfortable work/life balance, which means they can live a happy life along with getting things done professionally.

No matter what age you are or what industry you’re in, an app can help you in one way or another. Just don’t waste time and money doing something that can be done with the help of a groundbreaking app!


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