7 Ways to Improve Your Sales Proposals

A sales proposal is a business paper made by a vendor that provides goods or services to a potential client. Usually, the proposal offers solution details, pricing, and benefits. In other words, it’s a written pitch for formalizing a sales offer and taking the buying process forward.

On the subject of memorable sales proposals, they usually fall under three classifications: The good, the bad, and the ugly. If you ask any buyer, for sure they can tell you many different stories.

Actually, they most likely only remember the names of the corporations that sent them either the best or worst sales proposals. Surely, in sales, being outstanding matters. Regrettably, most sales proposals don’t make the strong impression they should.

As a result, we provide you with 7 tips that will make your sales proposals stand out for all the appropriate reasons.

You Must Create a Continuously Evolving Template

Beginning from scratch each time you need to create a sales proposal is ineffective. To resolve that, make a template that combines every best aspect of your previously sent sales proposals. Although this offers a good start, you should never send it without tailoring.

So, if you already have employed proposal management software with a proposal content depository, you are able to create a sales proposal template by building text sections. Afterward, you can customize the proposal on the basis of each customer’s needs, while taking advantage of higher efficiency and verified content. Using proposal software will ease your process by giving you all you need to create, track, and close impressive proposals.

Keep It Brief

It’s probably the most common advice, however still worth mentioning. Be brief. Each word, image, and example in your proposal should have a certain purpose. Ask yourself if the client must know the given information at the moment, and will it influence the buying process to move forward?

The proposal is not a place to explore each detail and aspect of your business. Preferably, your proposal should have around four to six pages, so stick to that rule. After all, the customer’s attention is limited, and you must use it wisely.

Prove Your Value

Never make a prospect take your word for your proposal. Instead, incorporate a customer story, or testimonial example. Show a use-case story of a previous or current customer with similar challenges.

Next, explain how your services or product helped them in meeting their goals. Ideally, you should provide measurable results and finish with a quote from your customer. To promote your reliability even further, use a customer who agrees to be a referral, so your potential customer is able to hear their story directly.

Be a Visionary

Customers, as evidenced by the rise in strategic sourcing, don’t want to get a transactional exchange; they want to get a long-term partner. So, in your intro and solution paragraphs, provide a quick glance into the future.

For example, show how your business will support and enable customer growth. Furthermore, show how your business is uniquely situated to help the customers expand, grow and stay ahead of competitors.

Review, Correct, Repeat

When you’re finished with your sales proposal, review it. Later, when that’s done, ask someone else to review the proposal as well.

Lastly, read it well once again. If you end up scanning it without reading it, then change the font so it can capture attention. Also look for a typo in the proposal, because there’s nothing worse than hitting send and finding a mistake afterward.

So, you need to check your proposal for:

  • Scannability ⁠- Use brief sentences and paragraphs;
  • Style discrepancy ⁠- Initial letters, capitalization of products, etc;
  • Grammatical mistakes, jargon, and inexplicable abbreviations;
  • Paragraphs are easier to read as bulleted lists;
  • Passive voice ⁠usage – Change to active voice as much as you can.

Be Recognizable

Even at first sight, the buyer should be able to recognize the given sales proposal belongs to your company. So, use your brand’s colors, illustrations, and style.

Additionally, incorporate professional, well-placed artwork that boosts your message. If your company has its own marketing team and graphic designer, they are an excellent resource to ensure brand consistency.

Incorporate a Call-to-Action and Deadline

The goal of a sales proposal is to get the prospective buyer to proceed forward. Consequently, it’s crucial to include a call to action that clearly indicates the following step.

Generally, most sales proposals finish with a line for signature assenting to move forward to contract. Apart from a call-to-action, urgency creation with setting a deadline stimulates action. Plus, it also makes the sales proposal more memorable.

Final Words

Ultimately, keep in mind that you must never underestimate the impact that a well-written, memorable sales proposal has on customers. Particularly if your competition isn’t paying attention.


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