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Cracked Phone Screen? Here’s what to do


Over 50% of people worldwide have experienced a broken screen on their smartphones.

That’s a lot of broken glass!

Even though screens are becoming tougher as newer version phones are released, it still makes your cringe when you drop your device.

Whether you had wet fingers and the phone slipped or you dropped it onto hard concrete while getting out the car – nothing is worse than having to use a phone that looks like it belongs to spiderman.

Fortunately enough, the screen is visible and the touch functionality seems to work fine. Here is what you can do to stay connected to your friends and family if you drop your phone.

#1. Using an old cell phone

This may seem like an off-putting thing to do but leaving the cracked phone and not using it further until you have a proper solution to fix it, can result in saving its life.

A damaged phone that is being used is more prone to progressively getting worse than one that is sitting in your drawer.

There is always an old phone taking a snooze in the back of your closet or drawer that you can whip out any time should you feel the need. And what better time to use it than now? So, until you find a mobile screen fix, use an old one.

#2. Packing tape

What you are aiming to do here is allowing your phone to hold up until you get a new phone. Packing tape can hold the broken glass together if you put it on your phone. You can still use your phone through it as it doesn’t affect the touch input or the viewing.

You may feel like this is a stupid idea, but you will be grateful when your phone will hold up till the point you have sufficient finances to get a new phone. Not only does it protect the phone, but it also protects you. The broken glass may slice your finger and that is where the packing tape comes in and helps prevent it.

#3. Screen protector

You can use a screen protector to cover the front of your phone. Now, we know you must be thinking isn’t this what you are supposed to do before cracking your display? You are right. But although putting a protector on can save your screen from cracking, putting another one on when your phone is cracked, can make it usable again for a while. It contains the broken pieces underneath and helps you use the touch input until you get a new phone.

Sort of like the packing tape.

#4. Replace the screen yourself

Now we are getting into some technical territory. Replacing a screen is no joke and there are intricate parts to doing it. A new screen could be hard to install. So, going with a tutorial video will be great. There are many DIY videos available on the internet for almost all mobile phone models out there.

If, for any reason, your phone model’s video is not available, you can always seek professional help. In fact, we recommend you get professional help in this case.

#5. Sell your phone

A broken screen does not cost a lot of money if only the glass is broken with a functional display. That means you can sell it for good money online still. There are many people waiting online to get a good deal and who would pay you handsomely for a broken screen phone.

#6. Buy a new one

This will sound pretty straight forward but buying a new phone is better. A new phone will give you updated specifications if you have not changed your phone in a few years. It will also give you a fresh start. With the all-new data back up features, you will also not lose any of your data. So, buying a new phone is a great option.

#7. Patiently waiting for the new phone

If you have a broken phone and don’t have the money to get a new one, then wait till you have money. Sometimes it is better to just replace the phone then wasting that money on getting the same phone fixed. You can save that money, add some more to it over time while you can use our other methods to preserve some life of the broken phone, and then get a new phone.

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