Digital Notebooks showcase indicate the Learning process of Students

Teachers and students benefit from various activities such as lab data, bell work, and class notes. All the activities are within the interactive notebooks. The best platform to learn and understand how students learn from digital notebooks is through programming help.

The most challenging part of the year is when I dedicated my time learning and understanding how to teach students to learn through digital notebooks and help them pass their examinations. The traditional ways of learning hinder creativity among the learners. Therefore, I engaged my students in learning how to do their studies using the digital way, and the results were tremendous.

The learning log for interacting with biology

I taught my students to interact with biology in a completely different way, whereby an interactive learning log is involved and a reminder set. The work involved the work done throughout the study session and it was a showcase of whatever they had learned as they grew. The action result is that the students developed a sense of pride. Many students adopted the learning process even in their college studies to continue with the same process during their university studies.

The learning formula is a source in which students can get assessed according to their progress in life. Each student writes and updates their progress about daily activities; therefore, a tutor can follow through with their activities and write some feedback on the children’s progress. The review process helps the tutor correct some of the students’ misunderstandings and misconceptions and helps them change abruptly.

Acclimate to online learning

The school calendar and activities in 2021 changed because of the pandemic that ravaged the entire globe. The level of teaching that I had taught my students became unreliable as it was a manual activity. I lost a way of tracing and monitoring my students to know their progress in their activities. Transforming the traditional model of learning into digital was the only solution to know how my students progressed.

I made the Biological interactive learning log (BILL) go digital. We used Google slides which replaced the books that students wrote. Students also got a chance to include drawings, maps, and pictures to learn, and the method was enhanced and made it enjoyable for all students. Students enjoyed the flexibility that digital learning offered; they could then do their work any time they felt like doing their assignments.

Students enjoyed the personalization of their online work and chose the suitable material to adapt to rather than what I usually gave them. The students also integrated their work into a single document where the students could quickly learn from conveniently. Students got a chance to work as a team and understand how they could quickly get their work done, unlike the cumbersome paperwork used before. BILL became more successful, and students became more creative as they did their work in their own time.


BILL is an excellent way for students to learn and integrate for them as they deliver quality work to the tutors. Monitor every step of students and watch them grow in their studies and lives.


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