The Best Free PDF to Word Converter Apps

PDF to docs conversion is one of the most common types of conversions that you have to make. We want you to know that today, most people are looking for services that can run on their mobile phones. This is because phones are easier to operate if you compare them with conventional desktop systems.

In this brief post, we would tell you about the pdf to Word converter applications you can use on your Android and iOS devices without any trouble. If you have several pdf files on your smartphone that you need to convert to Word, this is the right post for you!

Best PDF to Word converter apps for smartphones in 2020

We are shortlisting many applications because out of hundreds of free and paid apps on the internet, not all are easy to run. We have listed out the simplest and most reliable apps for you guys!

PDF Converter – Convert PDF to Word Document

This pdf converter app is one of the premium ones offered by Content Arcade apps. This pdf to Word application is available in all sorts of app stores. This is at the top of the list because it is very reliable and quick in converting files and producing accurate results. This application’s main feature is to convert pdf files to Word, but we would like you to know that this free pdf converter can also convert Word files to pdf, pdf to ppt, pdf to Excel, pdf to image formats, pdf to text and vice versa in all cases or conversions. This pdf2doc android app has a versatile set of tools that include lock, unlock, split, merge, and rotation tools. Using this converter app, you can manipulate the files in the best possible way.

PDF Converter - PDF to Word
PDF Converter - PDF to Word

Easy PDF

The easy pdf tool is one of the best applications that you can find on the iOS stores. As the name tells us, this application is one of the friendliest and easy-to-run programs you can get from the app store. This application has a huge variety of tools that can help you in catering and managing pdf files. You can not only use this app to convert pdf to Word, but you can also use it to edit pdfs, compress files, and many other aspects. The least that this app can do on your device is work as a pdf reader tool. This tool has integrations with Dropbox, and this can help you upload files directly from there. This is an application that can be used free of cost.

Able2doc PDF to Word

This application is said to be the best one for iPad and tablets. This application is designed in a very neat and clean way. The interface of this application is not only attractive but is also simple to understand. You can run this app like a pro, even if it’s your first-time converting pdf files to Word. This application can not only help you in converting pdf files to Word, but you can also share these files with your clients via your email. You can use this application after registration only, and this is only for your security. You can convert pdf files to word that are not only on your local storage but also directly from Dropbox!


This is another application that one can use on both Android as well as iOS devices, and that too for free. We want readers to know that this online application, as the name tells us, can help you not only in pdf to word conversions but also in the conversion of pdf files to every office format and vice versa. Another premium feature of the app is that it can help you convert pdf files into image formats. This pdf to Word converter application would cater to the conversion process and help you edit files for free!

Office Suite 7

The office suite is another free application that can help you with multiple sorts of conversions. You can use this application to convert pdf files to all office formats available and vice versa. The most common and easy conversion you can make with this app is the pdf to Word one. You can change any pdf file to Word and edit it for free with this service.

This application also has integrations with cloud storage spaces, and so you can easily save your converted files on Dropbox and one drive.

PDF Converter Pro

This pdf converter is an online service that can be used online via a browser and the application version. This application is considered to be a pro one because it can cater to all sorts of conversions. The tool supports multiple file formats and can help you free and efficiently convert pdf to Word plus other Microsoft Office formats.

PDF Converter Pro
PDF Converter Pro
Developer: Etherie Solutions
Price: Free

The most interesting conversions with this app are docs and images, as you can edit them later. The tool has gathered much fame because it focuses on maintaining the files’ quality and format in the conversion process.


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