How Does the Ilobby App Work?

An Ilobby App is a simple and effective way to help a hotel increase its guest capacity. This software provides a simple solution to what could be a time consuming and tedious process for management staff. With the Ilobby App, a hotel can easily and conveniently manage the flow of guest room applications and handle their registration with ease.

In a perfect business environment, customer service and retention are key to the success or failure of any business operation. The Ilobby software helps to streamline the processes involved with guest registration, guest scheduling, and guest checkout.

Ilobby integration with traditional methods

An Ilobby App can be used in conjunction with a traditional front desk application or independently as a stand-alone application. The Ilobby system allows for a much more organized and regular manner of welcoming new guests to the property.

In some instances, the sign-in process is already an automated function of the front desk, with each individual coming in through a door instead of entering through the main door. For these individuals, the Ilobby app provides the interface for an integrated sign-in process while the front desk can handle the repetitive and labor-intensive sign-out processes.

Ilobby App

Traditional office applications may not be well-designed to accommodate larger or more complex forms of identification such as a Social Security number or date of birth. The Ilobby App makes it easy for even the most inexperienced receptionist or computer operator to input and store required data.

Once this information has been entered, a list of names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent information can be stored and sorted by category, user, or date of birth. This makes it very simple for a front desk clerk to quickly identify a visitor when that person enters the front door.

Great Use of the wait times

Visitors are always arriving at an organization’s office and always expect a waiting room or other waiting area. With an Ilobby app, the receptionist can provide them with a fast, efficient, and hassle-free experience. Instead of having the receptionist stand or sit while handling these visitors, the application can redirect the visitors to the appropriate areas.

For example, if someone enters by using a PIN, the device can automatically redirect them to the front desk. If a visitor does not have a PIN, or if they enter incorrectly, a call to the office can be made. This will ensure that the proper procedures are followed and that no mistakes are made, as well as reducing the possibility of a visitor getting out of hand and wandering elsewhere.

Front desks are important because they offer the primary interface for any contact with a customer. Many offices utilize a standard computer terminal or a computer kiosk at the front desk for those employees who are on the clock but will still visit the company for information purposes. With the Ilobby App, a smart visitor management system can be integrated into the office infrastructure, allowing real-time access to the company’s mainframe through its IP enabled tablet.

It is possible to use any information obtained through an online form to log in, as long as the data meets the definition set out by the application. It is possible to control how many times information is allowed to be downloaded, received, and uploaded, as well as what forms of communications are permitted. This intelligent visitor management system can be monitored from any internet connection, even if the employee is not online.

Keeping track of all visitors

When an employee signs in to the Ilobby App, their session is recorded, along with any actions taken, until the end of their shift. The system uses logins and passwords to log in to various accounts and control what is said and what is not, depending on the rules set out by the employer. The sign-in process for some employees may be limited to certain forms of communications, while others may be able to sign in across multiple channels.

This ensures that the employees do not unintentionally give out personal information or pass on confidential information by accident. By monitoring what employees are signing in with, the employers can make sure that there is no inappropriate communication going on while they are working.

The Ilobby app is part of a group of smart visitor management tools being used by recruitment agencies around the world to streamline the way in which they manage their clients’ profiles. This information is gathered and sent directly to the client so that they can take immediate action when necessary.

For instance, if a potential client starts to sign in and fails to remember their password, it can immediately be reset. If a potential client signs in but forgets their username, a reminder will be sent to them, forcing them to remember it. In many cases, this automated system can automatically answer any other questions the user might have about visiting a particular site and increase their productivity.

As well as controlling who has access to the workplace, this smart Visitor Management System also controls what information is made public. Any images or videos that are visible to anyone in the vicinity of an IP Camera System can be blocked. In addition to this, all communication between the system and the actual office can be blocked, making it impossible for people to misuse Internet connections.

This prevents misbehaving children from getting into trouble while preventing unauthorized people from gaining access to sensitive information or system resources. It also makes it much easier for the employees themselves to ensure that they are following the rules and that they are not breaking any laws.


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