How to Better Communicate with Your Global Team

Global teams are a big trend that’s been impacting small, medium, and global companies at a rapid rate. With more companies working virtually, employing remote teams, and seeking international talent, global teams are a vital part of many successful organizations.

But what makes a global team click, work, and function at peak performance? Every team in every location will have its growing pains, learning curve, and performing cycles. Whether you are starting or leading one or more teams—there are key elements to consider for maximum success.

Design Your Global Expansion Strategy

While every single team and business is unique, having a global expansion strategy is always critical. Designing is a process, which is why it helps to have all the key leaders align to one vision. You may want to consult with experts and peers who have successfully gone from being a national company to an international organization.

Find out best practices. Discover what to avoid and steer clear of—before you begin the process. As you consider a global expansion strategy, balance the benefits with the functional realities.

Determine how you will get the word out about positions, interview, hire and manage payroll. Talk with experts in global human resources to learn what parts of the process you can outsource. With experts at your side, you’ll understand the employment regulations necessary to comply with local guidelines.

Focus on Employee Engagement

There are many advantages to working globally, but the top benefit is that you’ll be able to work with top talent from around the world. The people you’ll find will be able to give you insights into diverse perspectives, from different cultural and social backgrounds.

Naturally, the best way to involve employees is to keep people as your single top priority. Look at practical ways to involve people in designing local operations, project teams, and protocols.

Make time to meet people and have personal conversations. It’s always easier to reach out to someone with whom you’ve had personal contact. If employees know that you and your team are available, they can reach out to you to solve issues before they become long-standing problems.

Expand Independence in Workplace Initiatives

One of the big trends around the globe is independence and freedom of choice in the workplace. In the last year, more companies are seeing that offering options to workers is a great way to attract top talent.

What can you do to expand freedom of choice in unique ways? Start with engaging your employees and independent contractors in giving suggestions. Get feedback on concerns, preferences, and workplace scheduling issues. By listening closely to the feedback from your workers, you’ll have an easier time designing the best strategies.

You can’t build an ideal system in isolation. Involve people in different regions where your company is expanding. Talk to employees and independent contractors in different locations.

Listen to their specific needs and requests. Find ways to support workers in diverse locations to personalize approaches that best match their requirements. As you work together, you’ll build great workplace options—and grow strong, collaborative teams in the process.

Create Easy-to-Use Training Materials

Whether your team is working at the original location or in a newly established international city, employees want to be able to learn the ropes. Make this easy for people to do. Create training materials to facilitate different learning preferences, such as video courses, podcasts, or information charts.

Video training, online courses, informal mentoring, and project coaching can all help new hires get up to speed. As you are creating materials, involve new hires and experienced employees in the design. To develop an online course that people will use, be sure to build it around frequently asked questions, common concerns, and relevant tips.

Invest in Local Communities

One of the great things about a global strategy is that your company can invest in local communities and support local talent. There are so many ways that you can boost the lifestyle and earning potential in local communities.

Consider whether your organization could promote learning and opportunity by:

  • Offering internships to local candidates and students
  • Share resources with schools and communities
  • Provide talent searches in community colleges and universities
  • Collaborate on partnerships with international non-profits, and companies

While every business and organization is unique, by taking a longer view, your organization can positively impact the lives of people around the globe. Working in an international sphere is a way to expand opportunities. Your company can grow and evolve in ways that may have been out of reach in the past.


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