How to Find Your Right Audience for Your Niche Product Launch

In the age of the internet, it should be easy enough to find an audience to sell your products or services to. However, finding the audience that will actually buy, and more importantly, buy-in their droves is a totally different matter. There are, of course, ways to connect with the right people, and it is doing these things correctly that will bring your business the most sales from your product launch, and some of those are listed below.

Getting your long-tail keywords right

It is important to get your long-tail keywords right when it comes to connecting with the correct audience for your niche product or service. If your keywords are not aligned tightly enough to your product, you could be spending money on attracting the wrong type of traffic to your website or attracting those that are just not interested in your particular niche.

This is a more common problem than most business owners think, but plenty of clicks does not always lead to plenty of sales, as using broad keywords will reach a large number of people, but not all of them will be willing to part with any cash.

If you are unsure of what long-tail keywords you should be using in order to attract the right traffic to your websites, or you are unsure exactly what long-tail keywords are, then your best bet is to hire the services of a professional business that deals with SEO or online advertising rather than try it out for yourself.

They will be more likely to get positive results for your fast and should be able to advise you on where you were going wrong, which is not only likely to save you money in the long run but more importantly give you a much more targeted audience for your niche product launch.

Using livestreaming for promotion

Nowadays, livestreaming seems to be the way to go; whether you are looking to start your own livestream in order to get your products or services more widely known, or whether you are merely looking to be a guest on another’s livestream, so that you can either have a feature centered around your business and what you are offering. You might even be looking for an interview to introduce yourself and your business into a particular area.

Of course, livestreaming is not right for every single business due to the audience demographic, but with this type of interaction with potential customers becoming more widespread, it might not be long before every business is looking for the right livestream software solutions to help promote their new products. The appeal of a livestream is that you can show a product or service in action, and because it is live, those watching will know that the results are genuine, and not edited – as they could be for a YouTube video.

Get a social media influencer involved

Using the services of a social media influencer is a particularly good way of getting your products or services more widely known. They will trial products or services that have been sent to them and report back to their audience, which could be a substantial number of people, potentially increasing your number of sales.

With so many people having access to and using social media on a daily basis, it makes sense to tap into this world rather than just relying on hashtags and trends to reach your audience. A social media influencer has a lot of say over the people that follow them. In this day and age, recommendations of products or services go a long way, especially when there is such fierce competition within these business sectors for customers.

However, with a niche product launch, you need to take care when sourcing the right influencer. As with the long-tail keywords, picking one with too broad an audience will mean that there can be plenty of interest but very few sales coming through. It would be better (and possibly cheaper) to find an influencer whose small audience is closely aligned with your own, rather than a household name with a massive audience that has little or no relevance to your product.

Wrapping things up

Launching a niche product doesn’t have to be as difficult as it used to be. With the widespread use of the internet, even the most ‘out there’ products have a large enough potential audience to make it a worthwhile venture.

However, targeting that audience is all-important, and by using long-tail keywords to target them using advertising, showing the product ‘in action’ using live streaming, and backing this all up with the authority of a social media influencer behind you, you can turn something that would be problematic into something that is much easier, and hopefully very successful as well.


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