How to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen – Repair Tips & Instructions

A cracked iPhone screen is the worst nightmare of any Apple user out there. Whether you dropped your iPhone or someone else accidentally hit it, you know that you are in trouble. You might be wondering: “how can you fix a cracked iPhone screen?”

Except for permanent damage, iPhone screen repair is possible. However, a spare part will be difficult to find. More so, unless you have a relative working at Apple’s workshop or you are dealing with an expert from ASK Computers, fixing a cracked iPhone screen is generally expensive.

Is It Bad To Have a Cracked iPhone Screen?

Some iPhone users can ignore a cracked screen as long as the rest of the phone is working, and they can see who is calling. So, in this case, a few cracks on your smartphone screen are not necessarily deal-breakers.


Still, if you want to showcase your stylish iPhone everywhere you go, trying to repair it should be at the top of your list.

iPhone parts are very hard to find and usually expensive. So, the first question that comes to mind is “how much does it cost to fix a cracked iPhone screen?”

Contrary to other types of smartphones, iPhones do not have available parts in most electronic shops. You may only find some in Apple stores under the OEM denomination, which are spare parts produced by Apple suppliers, and usually come at eye-watering prices. Therefore, you should look for more cost-effective repair options.

How to Attempt iPhone Screen Repair

Before you start buying iPhone spare parts, you should understand the extent of the damage that your phone has just received. If you can still see beyond the hairline cracks on the screen and all the apps function properly, you don’t have to replace any internal parts.

On the other hand, if the phone is shut down, and it doesn’t show any signs of life, you might have to pay for more than the screen repair.

How to distinguish the quality of an iPhone screen

If you only need to replace the screen on your iPhone, you should first identify the type of iPhone display that you have to purchase. Here are the most common ones:

#1. Cheap and Poor-Quality

You will find this knock-off iPhone display in most phone repair shops. They are dirt cheap, and, to the untrained eye, they look very Apple-like. However, the user experience is poor-quality, to say the least.

One such iPhone screen imitation display does not interact well with the smartphone and usually triggers different commands than those you type in. Texting is usually ineffective. Also, the low-quality colors of the display will ruin the experience of watching videos or images on your phone.

#2. OEM Apple Pulls Screen Display

This replica of the original Apple iPhone display is of better quality than the cheap knock-off above. It is also more costly and more difficult to find.

Nevertheless, once you install it on your iPhone, you will notice that it is quite similar to the original. It allows for bright colors to shine through the display, and it has a good contrast ratio.

Unfortunately, the OEM Apple Pulls display does not connect well with the iPhone. Similar to the previous, cheaper screen, this one makes all sorts of poor connections between your typing and the commands of the phone.

#3. OEM Refurbished iPhone Screen Display

These iPhone screens are displays that also suffered damage and cracks, but which repair shops managed to restore. They did so by cold pressing the glass until most of the fine lines disappeared.

Refurbished iPhone displays are original Apple screens. So, you can count on them providing a better user experience than knock-off displays and replica screens. These displays deliver advanced performance through a full-color scheme, proper pixel ratio, and 100% accuracy.

Where to Repair Cracked iPhone Screen

As long as you can repair it, you shouldn’t delay replacing a cracked iPhone screen. Your best choice is to find a professional repair shop where a certified technician can replace the damaged screen with a high-quality OEM refurbished iPhone screen display.

If you are looking for iPhone screen repair, do not hesitate to CONTACT US. We provide original, refurbished display replacements for cracked iPhone screens with a long-lasting warranty on all the parts we use and the handwork that goes into this process. Also, we provide assistance and repair services for other smartphone problems.


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