Spellbreak Guide – How to Win More Fights

Spellbreak is a battle royale game published by the Proletariat. The game is available to play on MS Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Unlike other battle royale games, Spellbreak doesn’t have weapons. The thrill of Spellbreak lies in its spells and unconventional ways of fighting.

The game is becoming popular quickly, and it is crucial to improve to survive the new wave of players coming to play the game. In this article, we will tell you about Spellbreak hacks and tips to win more games.

Attack according to range

Whenever you start attacking, you want to execute your gameplan most effectively. Every spell in the game has a range in which it can attack. As a player, you must know the range of the spells that you have. Attacking outside the range of spells is only a waste of your resources.

There are both short and long-ranged spells in Spellbreak. Understanding the range of every spell is crucial. Knowing the range also helps you predict which spell the opponent can use, and you can therefore plan a counter-attack.

Value sorceries

Sorceries are the special powers given to every character apart from the spells. While most players tend to overlook the importance of sorceries, good players make use of them. Sorceries cause small damages to the opponent and push them behind. They are a great way to defend and get some space from your opponent.

Targeting sorceries is crucial to make them count. If you target them well, you will have a chance to overpower your opponent. If not, they can turn another way. For example, if you miss a lightning strike, you will miss 50 damage. Trap your opponent to strike your sorceries and get some damage.

Move and move

Spellbreak is an attacking game at its core. Unlike other battle royale games, the defense is not feasible in Speallbreak. Hence, not getting attacked is crucial. To achieve that, you should keep moving your position.

Even if an opponent spots you, keep running so that they have trouble locking their target. Moving is an art to master in Spellbreak. By moving, not only are you defending yourself, but you are also opening the gateway to a counter-attack. As an opponent, if you can catch your enemy off guard and launch a counter-attack, it can prove deadly.

Understand characters

Every character in Spellbreak is unique and possesses some special powers. As a player, the biggest dilemma one can face is which character to choose. To choose the best character, you must play with every character. Playing with multiple characters will give you a chance to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every character.

As you start your fight, you will face many opponent characters. Studying every character will give you an edge as you know each character’s strength. Also, playing with multiple characters will let you know which spell is used best by which particular character.

Chase your opponents

One thing that stands out in Spellbreak is the ability to locate your opponents. Spellbreak gives you only a few options to choose from when you are starting your game. You will directly begin your game from the selected position. Moreover, you can see the starting position of your opponent as well. It helps you to locate your opponent and aggressively rush towards him.

After you know the position of your opponent, you can plan accordingly and attack him. Remember that your opponent has the same facilities as well. So, charge quickly towards him to catch him off guard.

Play ghost role properly

As you are playing, you might be killed by your opponents. But you must be extra careful in Spellbreak after you die. In Spellbreak, your game doesn’t get over after getting killed. You turn into a ghost. Your opponents can spot you like a ghost, and you should be careful at this time.

You cannot attack any of your enemies, but you can spy on your opponents and give your team some useful insights. But remember, as your opponent can see you, don’t show them the way to your team.


Following these tips and tricks regularly can help you fast-track your progress in the game. As you get better and better, these tips will be more useful and help you reach a professional level. Comment below for any feedback or suggestions.


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