The Ideal Accessories Every Avid Card Gamer Should Have

Card collectors and trading card gamers understand just how expensive their hobby can get. The cards themselves will be a huge investment, but many gamers will tell you that is not the only thing they are spending their money on. Here are some accessories that many players and gamers have that bring value to their collection and their hobby as well.

Deck Boxes, Sleeves, and Albums

One of the first few things that you need to consider when looking at different accessories as a card gamer is different means to protect your cards themselves. These would include things like deck boxes, sleeves, and albums. Having deck boxes ensures that you are able to store your most used decks and bring them with you to conventions, gatherings, or even to your friends’ house.

Many deck boxes consider that you will want to use sleeves, providing enough room for a thicker deck. Sleeves are essential for any cards that are going to see consistent playtime to ensure they remain in good condition. If you are a collector, consider albums to house your card collections. These are not ideal for cards you plan to play with, but provide protection for the cards you are not using frequently.

Organizers, Box Inserts

As your collection grows, you will need places to store your cards. For most gamers, this is important because many players don’t restrict themselves to a single game. Even those that do stick with one game, their collections can be quite substantial. And with so many cards, you need a way to properly store them.

Consider boxes for storage, with organizers and dividers for games that require more than just cards. These will ensure that everything stays neatly in order, and easy to go through when you’re searching your collection for specific cards or decks you might want to play or bring with you.


Owning cards and collectibles will undeniably take up a lot of room in your home. Using organizers and boxes can help with a small collection, but you ultimately want a way to store and organize your cards. Use your shelves as an opportunity to display your collection, as it is something that many collectors and gamers will be proud to share and showcase.


Playmats are the perfect accessory for trading card game players. Many players bring their decks with them to conventions, tournaments, and gatherings. There are plenty of different mats you can choose from, which can be more than seen on YourPlayMat, and that way you’ll surely find something you like. Also, having a mat ensures that you have a clean surface no matter if you are playing at a convention floor, waiting in line, or in your school cafeteria at lunch. Additionally, a play mat is a great gift to give as you can personalize this however you want.

This means that each playmat will be unique to the player, providing personality with different graphics and designs. A play mat is an essential accessory for any card gamer that wants to be ready for a match anywhere and at any time.

Card Holders

With many card games, you will tend to have a large number of cards in your hands. These will range from your game of Uno where you might have drawn half the deck, to Pokemon or Magic where you can also have a sizable hand. For such situations, a cardholder is quite useful. This will allow you to see the majority of your hand, if not all your cards, ensuring that you can make the most optimal choice and go along with the best strategy available.

This accessory also works perfectly with traditional cards, as there are many card games that require you to see all the cards you have in hand. Additionally, cardholders are something you want to have if you or other players have smaller hands, or if you play games with kids that also cannot hold as many cards.

Card Shufflers

No one wants to be the person that shuffles the cards after a game or between rounds. Additionally, not everyone is particularly great at shuffling cards like a pro either. Having a card shuffler means that you won’t have to worry about this problem, and no one has to stress about not knowing how to shuffle or making a mess.

It is important to have the right equipment and accessories to go with your card games and collections. You want to find ways to protect the investment you have made to your collection, as well as different ways to increase your overall feeling and enjoyment of your cards. Spending a little extra to see these benefits will go a long way.


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