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In this busy world, it would be quite annoying to manually convert images to text as it is a time-consuming process and a total waste of productivity. We want to tell you that today’s world is giving rise to advanced techniques that are bringing ease to your life.

Today, we are going to discuss the modern tools and techniques that can enable you to extract text from an image effortlessly.

If you are curious to know about modern tricks, then give a three-minute read to today’s content!

Big Role of OCR Technology

Optical Character Recognition which is simply known as OCR, is modern software technology. It is specifically built to convert images into text. Well, OCR can also be used as the converter of scanned papers, documents, word files, photos, handwritten into machine-readable content. OCR algorithm identifies characters from printed sources and converts them into digital format. Once this is completed, the digital format is editable and searchable easily. OCR software is handily customizable, and this is why they are perfect for our daily use.

Image to text converters – PDF and Word formats

PDF and Word formats are widespread file types. Word is outstanding when you need to alter the existing content of your image files. While PDF, on the other hand, is convenient and compatible with almost every single OS, device, and browser.

Text files, especially PDFs, are also safe and easy to use as they can be handled with a password, which makes the file transmitting method much safer.

To convert an image to text, particularly to .docx, you can use the online tools.

Top Best Image to Text Converters 2020

Numerous websites are providing free OCR online services, but the below-listed ones are reliable, secure, fast, handy, cost-free, and can create good quality results without any single problem. Well, here we want to tell our readers that not all online tools that are accessible are trustworthy; this is why it is important to be sure what you are using.

If you don’t want to waste your time on researching, then have a look at the following list that has been collected after a detailed exploration of the online available OCR tools!

Small SEO Tools

Image to text converter by Small SEO Tools is the most trusted and popular utility that is enabling online OCR service for free. This image to word tool is offering various multi-functional techniques and handy features that save your money and time. This web-tool converts images to text and can be accessed easily on any smart device. This Image to text converter doesn’t compromise on user’s privacy, content accuracy, and validity. Moreover, this is secure, fast, easy, and simple to use.

Just follow the three easy steps and save your time and money: –

  • First of all, access this image to the word tool by navigating to
  • After that, open up paste the image you want to extract.
  • In the third step, hit the convert button. That’s it! You are done.


It is another best tool that is also known as an all-rounder! This tool is a user-friendly platform that not only provides tons of converting techniques but also giving security. PDF2Go is a handy tool that is smart enough to make your experience amazing. It is an easy-to-use tool that is known best for its quickness and accuracy.

It displays the images that are being used as the base right next to the text being recognized for real-time comparison. It also facilitates post-processing of the recognized text through a bunch of tools such as spellchecker, etc. Moreover, it is a free tool that can make your converting experience amazing.

Simple OCR Tool

Last, but not least! Simple OCR is a wonderful tool that contains all handy features. Some people call this tool a little outdated, but in truth, it is very basic and easy to use. The features of OCR make this tool a complete or an all-around package for everyone. It can convert typed papers into text, immediately from your scanner. It offers a 14-day free trial for handwriting recognition and unrestricted print recognition.

Well, there is only one restriction that this free tool brings with itself, and that is multi-column docs. If you keep documents that display any form of complexes that deal with columns and don’t have smooth scans, then this tool cannot get the task done. Besides, it can do a great and amazing job with the ordinary text; it can easily save it in a DOC or TXT format after the extraction is done.

Final Thoughts

Let’s select a pro; let’s be a pro! Using a tool for the conversion of images into text is not a tough job, but choosing the right places for the right things can be hard calling duty. Dear Readers! Using today’s short content as a guideline can help you to understand what are the basics of converting techniques and which technique will prove best for you!


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