Marketing Through Memes – How to Do it Right

Memes often spread like wildfire. Any viral marketing campaign content pieces that have memes are sure to make your brand catch and grab the maximum eyeballs. Today there is no single way to market any product or service. Marketing is in flux. What might work today may become obsolete tomorrow.

Brands and businesses target millennials by using meme generator tools that create memes as soon as something becomes viral. Some common examples include popular TV show endings, movie spoilers, musical concerts or any hot topic in the news.

In this blog, we take you through the exciting and relatively new marketing technique known as meme marketing and how you can get it right. Let’s explore.

Build An Overall Strategy

If you take a closer look, memes are just another form of communication that works very well with the millennial generation. Similar to any other content marketing plan you might have in your campaign, building a strategy first is very important before you create the content.

A meme marketing strategy should align with your overall campaign goals. Who do you want to reach out to? What do you want them to connect with? What is your call to action? Addressing these questions at the beginning of your campaign strategy will help you figure out which memes to produce and which ones to not make to your overall campaign.

Understand What Resonates With Your Audience

Who are you making the memes for? Do you know your audience well enough to make memes that engage and connect with them? The right way to do any marketing campaign is to begin by understanding who is your target audience.

For instance, if you are a young brand targeted at millennials, your memes could be related to what they watch, do, hear or like. For example, this can be popular movies, trending TV shows, internet stars or popular bands. Meme marketing is still a very nice area to be in. Not all sets of target audiences connect with it, especially customers aged 35 and above.

That is why you’ll hardly see memes produced by brands to target customers above the age of 35 like General Electric, AT&T, Nissan, etc. Therefore understand your audience first and then choose what will resonate with them the most.

Use Memes That Fit Your Brand Image

Meme based marketing requires careful planning and a strategy in place so it doesn’t feel and make you look silly. Not all memes work with every kind of brand. Your brand might be a white male upper-class audience, and if you share memes that resonate with a Hispanic audience, it won’t make sense to your target audience.

The ones you used for marketing need to be at least closely related to your brand. A rule of thumb to ensure that the memes you share or create work with your brand image is to check if they fit in any (or all) of the following:

  1. It relates the pop culture reference you are trying to make to your brand audience.
  2. The text is a caption used to relate to your brand or business directly or indirectly.
  3. The content pokes fun at yourself or your competitors harmlessly.

Add Your Branding To Memes

Memes have been around in the internet landscape for a while now. Big businesses are doing it properly, your competitors are doing it, and many people others. How do you stand out then? Remember that memes have been around for a long time, but marketing with memes is new.

Sure, memes a great way to get your audience to share a laugh with you but don’t forget their part of your larger marketing plan. Adding your branding to memes will not only help increase brand awareness but also help with customer retention. Now and then, while you share popular memes, add your originality and branding. For instance, you can funnily use your tagline, change your brand logo to what might trend with it or simply poke fun at yourself!

Use Only Trending Memes

The one drawback of memes is that you can quickly become outdated. A viral meme that was doing the rounds on social media a week back might become today, so it’s necessary that you only use trending memes when posting online.

Sharing memes that no one is talking about today will do little to increase your engagement, and sometimes there will be no increase in brand awareness. Reacting to recent events or trending topics is a sure shot way to get more people interested in your content and eventually your brand.

Memes like topical jokes are all about timing. However, having a content repository of classic memes like the Spider-Man meme, Simpsons meme, surprised dog memes, slow internet explorer meme, etc. is crucial. Rewriting the caption to fit any recent event is a definite way to make people interested and engage them positively.


Some memes have the potential to become viral when you use the right set of images and words/captions that resonate with your audience immediately.

Today memes are not just used for marketing or connecting with the young generation, but young people also use this to bring the spotlight to important causes. Memes have become a way to showcase creativity by repurposing situations or events with a harmless, funny angle, and this can be quite effective in today’s marketing landscape.

Consumers don’t just want to be told what to buy or what are the outstanding features of a product. They want to be engaged and entertained at the same time and what better way than memes.

We have seen that many businesses don’t just get memes, their attempt to create viral content seems to fall flat on their face. So how to do it right? By relying on tools that help you create memes easily and using the pointers listed above, you can create an impactful meme marketing strategy.

Just creating memes is not enough, doing it right is important. With the right combination of memes, users will share your memes with no second thought and your content will become viral as soon as you post it online.


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