8 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Are you a sketching lover and in search of the best drawing/sketching app? The Procreate app comes with creative and gorgeous illustrations to amuse users. The unique and intuitive features of this app allow you to draw everything without manual instruments. It comes with a complete library of brushes and pencils that can be customized using the brushes library.

Procreate is the most powerful APP with amazing features, but this app is not available for Windows & iPad. But if you want to use Procreate for Windows then many alternatives run on Windows with the same functionality. All the problems faced by users is solved by these multiple alternatives.

What is Procreate?

A digital drawing/sketching graphic editor used for creative work. And the customizable brushes of Procreate give you complete flexibility to draw anything you want. Most importantly, the Procreate brush library has 200 handcraft brushes with an adorable brush studio.

Color dynamics and harmony allow you to choose the best colors for your choice. The color companies give a creative zone for drawing and sketching in painting a rich environment. Procreate with a couple of fascinating features gives the idea of digital drawing. But it seems quite intimidating for an artist who had never used this app before. Although let me tell you that,  there is no need to go to the grocery store to buy pencils, brushes, colors, and a drawing pad.

Now you can draw your dream painting with the help of this app because it has everything for creative sketching. Procreate gives you smooth buttery sketching with a better experience.

Procreate For Windows

This app is not available for Windows and Androids. But there are many alternatives to use the best drawing and painting Procreate for windows. These alternatives are free to use with robust tools to draw on window computers or Androids. As Procreate is popular among IOS users and is useful for artists, that’s why do window users have to go for alternatives.

Enlisted below are the most helpful and suitable replacements which are available for windows.

#1- Autodesk Sketchbook

Image: Autodesk

A drawing software with creative tools to design and module software suites. It comes with an Autocad solution that has changed the faces of many industries. A sketchbook is a pen-friendly tool with various astonishing features that allow the user to design anything. Then pen-friendly interface enables you to use colors and brushes of your own choice.

Another notable feature of Sketchbook is a color library with a wide range of color selections and various inks. Users can draw mirror images and can export these images to any format like JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. The main canvas of Autodesk provides more screens to draw any illustration. It offers a large canvas of about 100 megapixels to draw with simple native tools.

However, procreate comes with 190 brushes each is customizable, but Autodesk has quite a small amount of brushes. Secondly, Its greater functionalities allow the user to draw efficiently by using these brushes. Above all, It is completely free to use this version of Autodesk Sketchbook.

Download Autodesk for Windows

Developer: Sketchbook, Inc
Price: Free+
Developer: Sketchbook
Price: Free

#2. ArtRage


The ArtRage enables the old fashion Artist to draw with oil paints and watercolors. It allows the user to draw by using mimic painting. ArtRage is mostly preferred by those who love old-fashioned painting and drawing techniques.

ArtRage with the best real oil and watercolors provides you with an intuitive interface. It is a natural media that is capable of saving Photoshop files. For instance, it is like a digital Artist’s studio in which you can mix up colors like a real painting. It has many other amazing features like paper options, rollers, lighting directions, and track wetness.

Undoubtedly, It will turn all your ideas into your favorite vector drawings. Its main key factor is the mixing of colors that are used by old-fashioned Artists. Furthermore, Its easy interface brings back traditional painting into a digital ground.

Download ArtRage

#3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Image: Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of the most amazing alternatives to Procreate for Windows. It is best for those Artists who like to use Photoshop brush features. By using natural drawing tools you can easily make creative drawings.

Creative expressive drawing of Adobe Photoshop Sketch brings all the texture and blending effects of your dreams to come true. Export your artwork to Photoshop a vector-based drawing program that uses several fountain pens, watercolors, paintbrushes, and pencils to draw illustrations.

In conclusion, Adobe Photoshop Sketch has all the tools that you need to draw as it is the best Procreate for Windows in the marketplace these days. It is used for professional work with these amazing tools and interfaces.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch
Adobe Photoshop Sketch
Developer: Adobe
Price: To be announced

#4. Krita

Image: Krita

Krita is the best alternative for Procreate for Windows which allows digital painting. It is an open-source sketching program with amazing interfaces. Moreover, It offers default brushes for creative art. Without a doubt, the feature of customizable brushes is fascinating. The prototypical feature of Krita offers the most natural drawing experience.

The intuitiveness of the interface is one of the most prominent features. Also, a user can use edit tools to edit Photoshop’s PSD files. Its design is compatible with UX (User Experience) and graphics which come into users’ minds. Use these exceptional drawing tools to draw modern and inspiring designs.

It enhanced the functionality to a maximum level. Mostly it is used by the comic maker to draw amazing comics, book writers, and by digital artists. It gives you a suitable canvas that is the primary equipment for all the artists.

Download Krita

#5. Concepts

Image: Concepts

A digital drawing vector app for IOS users which is now available for Windows and Androids. It is made to draw vector images using precise measurements. It should be noted that By using concepts you have access to all brushes, pencils, and fountain pens that are available in Procreate.

Additionally, It provides users with an infinitive canvas to draw vector images. The most amazing features are the learning curves and a handful of customizable brushes. It comes with great collaboration and abstract ideas. The large canvas size enables the user to sketch any design or illustration.

The key feature of the concept is that it has a precision drawing tool. Last but not the least, this procreate for Windows is free to download and easy to use.

Developer: TopHatch, Inc.
Price: Free+
Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw
Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw
Developer: TopHatch, Inc.
Price: Free

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#6. Corel Painter

Corel Painter

A raster-based Digital application with the best drawing and painting tools. It comes with hundreds of brushes and multiple tools. Not only this but It also has fantastic packages for artists and sketchers. It comes with digital painting and a RealBristle paint system.

With the help of its fascinating tools, artists can draw traditional paintings. Its large canvas can easily support multilayer editing. The user can export images of all formats like PNG, JPG, and PSD files. It has a dynamic texture canvas and 900 plus brushes that can be customizable. The brushes’ accelerator system enhanced the performance of the artist.

The customizable UI enables you to remove the options that you don’t need. This procreates for Windows gives you traditional media to draw and paint. It is used as a primary drawing tool by professionals.

Download Corel Painter

#7. PaintTool Sai

PaintTool Sai

High-quality painting software used by professionals to draw illustrations and images. The most amazing feature is that it has an anti-aliased painting. PaintTool Sai comes with plenty of useful and fascinating tools. It is quite steady and pressure-supportive software.

Besides, It is an excellent sketching tool with a wide variety of brushes and rollers. It is most suitable for beginners as it is easy to use. It comes with brush guard safety which allows the user to work efficiently. The paint gun and Brush guard safety protect the drawing from getting derained.

One of the best available procreates for Windows that provides digital sketching. This tool is provided with the best and most stable digitizer to draw sketches. It is a straightforward and lightweight raster graphic editor with multiple features.

Download Sai

#8. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

The most prominent and best procreate for Windows is Adobe Illustrator Draw. It has beautifully scalable vector designs. It comes with a natural paper canvas drawing. The most astonishing feature of Adobe Illustrator is vector brushes, multiple layers, and a customizable toolbar.

It is the most popular procreate for Windows in the market right now. Its shape integration property capture all the inspiring shapes and figures. Additionally, Its vector drawing tools give you inspiring and gorgeous ideas. It gives you the best illustrations with amazing graphics.

The user can scan the drawing and then color the drawing by bringing it in a graphic program. You can design your image by using Adobe Stick. Moreover, the user can use a rotating-free asset from Adobe stock. It is the most supportive software that supports the latest hardware designs.

Adobe Illustrator Draw
Adobe Illustrator Draw
Developer: Adobe
Price: To be announced


We have described all the best alternatives of Procreative for Windows, that can help you in drawing and sketching. Now it’s the artist’s personal choice to choose between these best procreate alternatives. These alternatives come with amazing interfaces and tools that can extremely help artists to draw according to their dreams.

All the above-mentioned alternatives are free to use, use them to draw whatever you want. Besides, all of them have amazing tools like customizable brushes, fountain pens, pencils, customizable toolbars, multiple layers of sketching, and a brush studio. These tools are equally suitable for modern as well as old-fashioned Artists.


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