Best TeamViewer Alternatives in 2023

We bring you a list of eight remote desktop programs to connect to your computer or laptop device from other devices, including mobile phones. You will find each one of them to be the best TeamViewer Alternative. We will try to offer you all kinds of solutions in this list, from the native ones that come in your operating system or browser, to third-party solutions.

Most of the solutions on the list have free versions, which means you won’t need to pay anything. However, we have also included paid ones created by Microsoft and Apple for their operating systems, since despite being paid they may be of interest to users who do not want to depend on third parties.

These are the applications that allow us to take control of our system (Mac, Linus, or Windows) remotely. Imagine you are home and you do not remember if you turned off your device or want to upload a document that you kept on your desktop to SkyDrive. Safe and easy to use, it will show us a remote desktop on the screen of our phone or tablet.

Why do we need a TeamViewer alternative?

TeamViewer is one of the best-known remote-control solutions you can find. It has been installed on more than 2 billion devices according to official company figures, with half of those users adding up just three and a half years after the first 1 billion, a milestone that took ten years to achieve. Among those users, it is the paid users that generate the business and promote growth.

When you install and configure it, you will be able to connect to your PC remotely from wherever you are, both from another computer and from a mobile phone.

Either because you forgot your laptop at home, because you want someone to help you from afar, or because you are going to have to telecommute and want to connect to the office, this method can be a simple solution. We are going to explain first what exactly it is, and then we will go on to tell you how to configure it.

It is a tool that can be useful both for those who dedicate themselves to the technical support of users in a professional way and for those who have had to act as a “computer friend” more than once and fix the technological mess of a neighbor, co-worker, friend or family member.

It is a free application for personal use, although for businesses it also has a series of payment plans. It also stands out for having applications for all the operating systems you can imagine, and it has options such as the control of several devices at the same time, the recording of sessions, a chat to communicate between teams, or the possibility of sending files and documents from one PC to other.

Now the question arises, if TeamViewer is such a good software in itself, then why do we need a TeamViewer alternative? Well, a couple of years ago TeamViewer users faced a breach of their privacy and got hacked by different hackers. The TeamViewer, instead of solving the problem, pinned the blame on users saying that the security breaches were due to their carelessness.

Also, the image quality isn’t very good for TeamViewer. So, we have come up with a list of alternatives, and trust me you will find the best TeamViewer Alternative for you in this list.

8 Best TeamViewer Alternative

#1. Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Image: Google Chrome

In today’s list we will inform you about a whole lot of different and versatile tools to get access to your desktop device, but out of all those extensions and tools chrome is probably the best. In its favor, it has to be a browser that almost all of us have installed at home or work, and that allows us to access any device just by installing an extension in the browser.

Chrome Remote Desktop is an application created by Google to control your system remotely using the Chrome browser. This means that you can enter your computer from another device, and control it remotely. Not only will you control Chrome, but you will control the entire system to navigate all the files and menus on the PC.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a 100% free tool. You need your Google account for this process. The same account has to be logged in to the device you are trying to create access through. Since you are the only one who has the password and access to your Google account so the connection is very secure. Further on, anyone accessing your account cannot also remotely access your device, because you will also establish a security PIN.

This solution works in both macOS and Windows, the process to configure remote access from Chrome is the same. It is necessary to have Chrome installed to start the configuration. Then you can enter from other devices through Chrome, or from mobiles with the official application.

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#2. Windows Remote Desktop

Windows remote desktop

For all of you, who is not avid Chrome user and will prefer Firefox and other platforms over Chrome, this tool is a gift for you from your desktop.  if you do not use Chrome, but you do not want to have to install any extra applications, you should know that Windows 10 also has its own remote access function to your desktop. The bad news is that Windows 10 Remote Desktop is not available in the Home version of the operating system, so you will need a higher version license to use it, such as Windows 10 Pro.

With Windows Pro, the remote desktop option will appear in the system settings. Once activated, you will have to download the client application with which you connect to that system, and which is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. On the remote desktop, you can give permissions to different users, or require computers to use network-level authentication.

#3. Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop

Like Microsoft, Apple has also had its own remote access system for years, the Apple Remote Desktop. Before it was like Windows, you needed to have a special version of the operating system, which was called the macOS Server. But now that that version has been quite forgotten, although it is a native macOS option you have to buy it separately to unlock it, and its price is 90 euros.

The negative part of this system is that it is a service that is only for macOS, which means that you will only be able to access it where you have it configured from another Mac. The idea is not so much to allow you to access your computer from any site like that of being able to create, manage, and control a network.

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#4. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus is a secure and comprehensive enterprise remote troubleshooting solution that comes in handy for system administrators and IT help desk technicians to remotely rescue network computers from day-to-day troubles. Remote Access Plus with its advanced remote control includes over 12 tools to remotely tweak computer settings without interrupting the end user’s workflow.

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#5. Supremo

Image: Supremo

It is another tool that is completely free for ordinary users, but it has paid versions with more options for companies. One of its best features is that you do not need to configure anything at the PC level, it is installed and go. Furthermore, the connections are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.

Another interesting feature of this application is that it is a multiplatform tool, which has applications for Windows, GNU / Linux, and macOS, as well as for Android or iOS. It allows you to connect to remote computers and desktops, with the possibility of working with multiple screens and simultaneous connections or transferring files and folders between connected computers.

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#6. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin

This is a very light tool, with an installer that has a minimum weight of around 1 MB and a simple configuration process so that users without knowledge do not have problems when using it. It has paid versions and a free version, which can only be used for 15 hours a month with a single session.

It is also not a tool that allows file sharing and does not have any of those advanced functions that perhaps some others offer. However, if you want a light tool to use only occasionally and that is limited to allowing you to control your desktop remotely, it is an option that you cannot rule out either.

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#7. Iperius Remote

Iperius remote
Image: Iperius

An application that has a professional freeware modality that gives you good options at zero cost. Obviously, the free version is more limited than the professional version, allowing only one connection at a time, although to any computer and with a shared list of equipment and contacts.

Being a professional solution, it also has a multi-user chat to be able to talk between team members, as well as an access timeline. In addition to its client for PC, you also have applications for Android and iOS with which you can remotely connect from anywhere. I will recommend this one for all of you who are looking for a secure professional connection that is easy to use and works like magic every single time.

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#8. AnyDesk

Image: AnyDesk

AnyDesk not only works well but is completely free for personal use. It does not require advanced technical knowledge or anything like that, it is simply necessary to have a stable WiFi connection and a device with the client installed, which can be a PC or even a mobile such as Android and iOS.

On your phone, The process will ask you for the PIN code that you have established on that computer, and when you write it you will start controlling your PC from the mobile device. It’s a bit awkward if you don’t have a keyboard and mouse, but you can do a few basic things and give a keyboard display option.

One of its great advantages is that its mobile version has a series of adapted controls with advanced options with certain movements of the finger and that it also allows files to be sent remotely. In addition, it also allows you to control your mobile from the computer, although in this case, it is a function that does not work for all devices.

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#9. VNC Connect

VNC Connect

Let’s end this list with a TeamViewer alternative that is not free. It is paid, and you can avail of their trial for a specific time period to gauge how it works and if it is according to your liking or not. There is a free home version with limited options as well, although its own registration page is a bit confusing and it tries to force you to download the trial versions of its free modalities.

You must be wondering if it is that bad then why is it present in this list? Well, let me tell you, once installed you can enjoy a hassle-free remote connection without any problem. The smooth connection and hassle-free exchange will convince you to prolong the membership each time it expires.

The application offers you the possibility to install it on any desktop operating system, and it also has mobile clients for Android and iOS. This means that its flexibility is maximum. The tool offers remote connection to your computers, being able to send invitations to other people to access your computers, backup copies, or block access to remote clients in case they steal any device that you had access to.

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Nowadays, working from home has become a necessity and in this dire situation, software like TeamViewer has become a part of our day-to-day life. So, for all of you who do not want to use TeamViewer due to personal liking, these alternatives can be very helpful. Each TeamViewer alternative in my list has been professionally tested, so do worry none of them are harmful in any way. I am sure you will find the one that will be suitable for your needs.


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