Tech Internships for High School Students

Many youngsters associate their future careers with technology. It is a very prospective industry, which promises interesting job offers, personal growth, and high salaries. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that so many smart high schoolers want to become certified experts in one of the computer science directions. One of the vital things they intend to do is to pass a tech internship.

An internship is a great chance offered by an employer when future graduates can practice their skills in his/her company or start-up. Although most internships aren’t paid for, they give vital experience and additional chances to get employed soon after graduation. Charles Ross, a certified writer, and blogger at Affordable Papers have expressed an interesting opinion about this matter. “Many people underestimate the importance of internships.

They provide students with the real practice that helps to test their skills. Besides, they may be so successful that their employer would like to hire them straight away”. This helpful guide will cast more light on tech internships for high school students and will provide vital facts and tips.

Choosing an Internship

High school students have a rich choice of tech internships. Everything can be quickly found on the Internet. You only need to open your browser and use correct search keywords. For example, you may write “tech internships for high school students” or “or the best tech internships”. Afterward, familiarize yourself with all search results.

Commonly, the first two pages of your browser are the best for you and can be trusted. It will take too long to describe all sites that propose tech internships. However, they all have the same functions. You’ll be offered a list of all internships given on the site. You should read attentively all the propositions to understand which ones suit your needs. Commonly, information sites give direct links to the companies and startups that offer internships. Go to them, check all the data, and contact managers who hire workers. Everything is simple.

How to Choose a Tech Internship?

The next question you should answer is – how to choose a tech internship? First, decide what kind of internship you need. There are multiple types and each is specific after its fashion. For example, a full-stack software engineering intern works with front-end and back-end technologies. He/she checks how data is transferred and displayed via an application. Thanks to observing data flow transfers, an expert understands how everything functions and how to optimize the whole process.

If you choose to be an information security intern, you’ll deal with online security, blockchain technology, etc. Mobile engineers face issues related to the use of cell phones, tablets, and the tools used by suchlike gadgets. As you can see, the choice is vivid, and you should clearly realize the potential and what exactly you need.

When it comes to choosing an internship in technology, you have two major options. It may be either a startup or a big company. We’ll review both options.


It may be hard to choose the right startup. You should be confident that it will be successful. Check the following issues:

  • Does the founder have a successful history in the past?
  • What is the purpose of the startup?
  • Is it tightly related to technical aspects?
  • Does the startup have good mentors?
  • What is the salary?
  • What are the benefits and guarantees?
  • Is it already famous and thus perspective?

Big Companies

The selection of larger companies is easier. They commonly work for many years, and you can quickly find the necessary feedback. If you want to pass a tech internship there, check the next points:

  • Reputation;
  • Kinds of internships;
  • Anonymous feedback of employees of the company;
  • The main goals;
  • Is it technical-oriented?
  • What are the benefits and guarantees?

Important Clues

Before you begin to look for an appropriate company, make sure you are prepared for it. There are vital things you should fulfill to be sure you will get the internship you dream of.

  • The first thing you should do is to start thinking early. Don’t begin to look for options late in spring. Begin to gather information about potential practices in winter or even earlier. Consider the types of internships, choose between a startup and a company, check all the conditions, get a referral, and make the final choice.
  • Secondly, practice technical interviews. It’s important because many unprepared candidates get confused during their interviews. Make a list of possible questions and answer them clearly. Find the typical questions on the Internet.
  • Thirdly, control your time management. You know technical skills and programs you’re good at. You should obligatorily improve the performance and do that fast. Your potential employer will surely like a speedy worker.
  • Fourthly, check the location. The place where your company is matters a lot. Try to find the one that is close to your home. Thus, you won’t have to spend heaps of time to get there.
  • Fifthly, practice a lot! It’s an obvious recommendation, but many high schoolers seem to forget about it. Work out all your skills, brush up your knowledge in computer science, etc. Thus, you won’t miss something important during an interview and tests.

We hope our guide was useful for you. Follow our tips and memorize all the facts we have mentioned. Thus, you’ll surely make the right choice.


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