The Major Ways to Restore the Content from Your Device

If you are an avid user of computers or tech devices, there is a big chance you lost crucial data at some point. Perhaps it was through accidental deletion or the device was damaged. Either way, it can be quite frustrating, especially if the data was of importance to you.

The good thing about technology is that data is rarely completely lost if you know where to look. This is, of course, if the data had been saved in the first place. You can restore such data to your device easily if you know how to go about it. On this note, let us look at some ways you can restore the content you lost on your device.

#1. Restoration from a Cloud Back-Up

Cloud storage is today’s iconic solution when it comes to data management. A cloud backup is a service that allows customers to back up their data on a remote server from which they can always access or restore the data whenever they need it. The service may be provided by a third-party vendor, an operating system, a web browser, or even an app. A copy of the customers’ data is sent over a secure proprietary or any other network to a cloud-based server.

In case the client loses their devices or the data in their device is corrupted, they can always retrieve the data from the cloud server. This data can be restored to a new device or the same one after it has been fixed. If you are worried about losing your data as a mobile user, smartphone cloud backup solutions are ideal. Various solutions for laptops and computers are also available.

When accessing the data, all you will need is to provide you security or verification credentials, and you are all set. It is among the common content restoration methods. As a matter of fact, almost all mobile phone manufacturers have a cloud server of their own for their consumers.

#2. File Restore

A file restore is done when a device has malfunctioned, and you had backed up your files on another external device. This is common for devices that have been problematic for a while, calling for a factory data reset. Before the reset or the switch to another device is done, the files are backed up to another device.

After the device has been fixed or a new one is acquired, the files are restored to the desired location. The backup should always be done on an external device since a factory data reset will erase these files, and it will be quite hard to access the same files.

#3. Google Backup Restoration

Google is the largest internet provider in the globe. The company provides internet-related services and products across the globe. With a Google account, you get access to some of their services which include a Google backup service. You are provided with a room to even back up your entire computer regardless of the format and can always have access to this data from a different device.

All you need is to have the details of the account such as the email used in the creation of the account and the password. The versatility of this service means that even if you backed up the data from your smartphone, you can access it from your laptop or desktop computer.

#4. Device-Device Backup Restore

When you have two or more devices, you can decide to have the data stored in each of the devices. For example, you can have your files on your smartphone, your laptop, desktop, and tablet all at once. In case you happen to lose one of these devices or the copy of your content in any of them gets corrupted, you can easily have it restored from one of the other devices to the affected one.

This is what is referred to as a device-to-device data restoration. It’s similar to the file restoration where you use an external storage device only that the device in this case is another personal computer.

#5. Using Data Recovery Software

This is often ideal for instances where the contents of a device are corrupted or lost and there is almost no other way the data can be recovered. It has been used to retrieve data from crashed hard drives, mutilated devices, and much more.

In the worst-case scenario, advanced forensics software is used. Experts look for a way to have the storage devices accessed by the software, and then the software is run. Any bits of data, shredded as they may be, are slowly retracted and sometimes there is a full recovery of the lost data. The data can then be restored to a different device.

With modern technology, data recovery techniques have greatly advanced. It is essential to know how you can back up your data and restore it on your device anytime it’s lost. This piece has highlighted some of the common methods of data restoration you should know.


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