10 Tips to Find Lost Phone Easily

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. From morning alarms to getting in touch with our friends and relatives, they do a lot for us. But imagine what would happen if your smartphone got lost or stolen!

You’d have no way to recover all your contacts, photos, and other valuable information, right? Yes, we know it’s scary. But the good news is that it’s possible to recover a lost or stolen phone.

The best way to do it is by using spyware to pinpoint its location and track it down. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten spyware applications to effectively recover your lost phone. Check them out in this post.

10 Best Apps That Can Help You Find Your Lost Phone

When it comes to missing smartphones, a spyware application having a bunch of selective features can do wonders for you. Let’s look at some of the best spyware solutions out there.

#1. Spyier

Spyier is probably the most extensively used application in the phone monitoring segment. Equipped with a simple interface and stellar location-tracking capabilities, it will help you make peace with your anxieties.

With this app in tow, you can precisely track the location of any Android or iOS device at all times, and that too, without revealing your identity. Just login to an online dashboard using ANY web browser and you’re good to go. No need to install anything on your phone or computer!

Image: Spyier

The app comes with a bunch of useful features such as Geo-fencing, call tracking, browsing history monitoring, and much more. Let’s have a quick glance at the numerous benefits it offers over other tracking applications

  • Comes with a stealth mode that will help you track everything discreetly
  • 3D street view integration for effective and precise tracking of where your target person is
  • 35+ features including social media monitoring and call tracking.
  • Geo-fence feature to help define geographical outlines and set alerts when the target device crosses them.
  • Very lightweight, non-resource-intensive, and runs in the background without raising any red flags.

Unlike other phone tracking solutions, Spyier doesn’t require any jailbreak or rooting. The app has earned the trust of millions of customers across 190+ countries along with positive feedback from tech giants like PC World, Mac World, Android Authority, and more.

With free sign-up and affordable subscription options, it also offers a free live demo for you to test the waters before actually investing in the application.

#2. Minspy

Next, on our list is Minspy. Known as one of the most convenient monitoring solutions, Minspy lets you effortlessly track a target phone at all times. All locations visited are tagged and pinned on an interactive map that you can refer to at any moment.

Image: Minspy

With Minspy, you can even track when the Wi-Fi and GPS network of the phone is down. Provided with an interactive dashboard and flexible membership plan, this is one app which will never make you regret investing in it.

#3. Spyine

No list of top tracking solutions is complete without the mention of Spyine. Arguably one of the best tracking solutions in terms of quality and precise real-time location, Spyine hits all the right chords when you seek spyware to locate your lost phone.

Image: Spyine

Just keep it configured with the target device and keep calm even in the tensest situations. It can track a target phone from any corner of the world secretly using its web location tracker. Not to mention the stealth mode that allows you to conduct location tracking without revealing your identity.

#4. Spyic

Spyic is another tracking solution that comes beefed up with stellar tracking capabilities and extensive features. Its live demo feature is a lifesaver if you’re looking to test the app working before making a purchase.

Spyic iphone tracker
Image: Spyic

This tool not only provides you the live location of a target phone, but also gives you the view of recent locations with the timestamps. Available for both Android and iOS, it offers complete remote tracking with a web-based interface that you can access from any portable device with an internet connection.

#5. Neatspy

Neatspy remote phone monitoring tool has the ability to keep tabs on a myriad of phone activities including text messages, call logs, web-browsing history, etc. If you feel like your phone is long gone and hard to access, you can use Neatspy to track it from miles away.

It’s a one-stop solution if you’ve recently bought a new phone and want to make peace with the fear of losing it. Neatspy is quite popular among iPhone users as they’re quite expensive and dear to their owners.

#6. Spyzie

Spyzie comes with an innovative SIM card tracking feature that works even if someone replaces the original SIM card. The moment it happens, you get a notification on your email in the form of alerts that are configurable. This feature lets you take immediate steps to protect your data stored on the device.

Also, the keylogger feature works wonders in case someone attempts to circumvent detection by erasing the original content. Spyzie is quite a revelation if you’re looking for more than just a tracking solution. It not only keeps all your data secure but also keeps tabs on each activity with detailed logs with timestamps.

#7. Cocospy

Probably the most extensively used phone monitoring application, Cocospy comes with an array of features for effective location tracking. The USP of this tool is the SIM card tracker that helps track a target phone with the IMEI number. It works even when the Wi-Fi network is down and triangulates the device’s location based on the cellular network.

Image: Cocospy

This doesn’t mean that GPS tracking is missing, but this feature adds flexibility to the tracking capabilities of the app. Apart from this it also offers other features such as Geo-fencing, social media tracking, call tracking, and remote operation to name a few.

#8. Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor is quite popular among concerned parents who reward their kids with new phones but are always concerned that they might lose them. Its real-time tracking works a charm when they can track the phone location from the comfort of their homes.

Image: Fonemonitor

This is additional to the bundle of features that parents get to impose strict regulations over Internet use. Fonemonitor also gives you access to the WhatsApp chats, documents, photos, and videos saved on your children’s phones so that you can take their backup and prevent any misuse if needed.

#9. Teensafe

Another application that offers effective locating tracking to concerned parents, Teensafe comes with a variety of features to keep parents comfortable. You can not only track the target device’s location at all times but also keep your children safe from cyber threats.

Image: Teensafe

With Teensafe you get complete social media monitoring and web browsing history access to manage your kid’s exposure to the cyber world. Really easy to set up and configure, you don’t have to be technically proficient to work your way around this app.

#10. XNSPY

One of the prominent phone tracking tools in the market, XNSPY is known for its covert tracking features that are hard to detect even by the finest hackers. With real-time remote location tracking and geo-fencing, your heart won’t skip a beat the next time you misplace your phone.

Image: XNSPY

Also provided with tracking features such as keylogger, social media tracking, and call tracking, you’ll never lose your phone for long. It’s a viable application for those who live in constant fear of losing their devices.


Having an effective tool in place can really help you in taking preventive measures whenever you’re unable to locate your phone. All applications mentioned in this article come with affordable flexible plans and a variety of features to play with. We hope this article was able to take your first step toward location-tracking solutions.


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