What is Vulkanrt & How You Remove It?

The Vulkan Runtime Libraries is a software intermediary that bridges the communication between two applications. It can come in use on several, different types of computers and with numerous software packages. It targets the enhancement of 3D applications and the balance of usage between your CPU and GPU. Additionally, this project is a creation of the Khronos Group that started in 2014. VulkanRT aims to decrease the usage of CPU in your installed 3D applications.


Also, it works to spread the burden on one application across numerous multi-core central processing units.  Formerly, OpenGL was the application that operated like VulkanRT. However, it is not a complete substitute to OpenGL as its use varies from case to case. OpenGL’s easy-to-use nature makes it better suited for some applications at times in comparison with VulkanRT.

How is VulkanRT a threat?

Keeping your system protected is very important so it performs efficiently. However, threats like that of VulkanRT are extremely harmful to your system. They enter your computer along with free software you would install on your PC. This activity is called ‘bundled installation’. What makes it a threat to your computer is how it transfers to your hard disk. The name it uses while being present in your hard disk is vulkaninfo32.exe. Moving forward, it sets up a new startup key, carrying the name ‘VulkanRT’. Eventually, it makes a place in your list of processes.

How did VulkanRT get in my system?

It is amazing how it gets in your pc even when you haven’t installed it. This is one thing to think about. Such a scenario exists when you install new graphics drivers. It makes way for unwanted programs to enter your system.  Hence, your installed applications and programs are the main source of VulkanRT entering your computer without being in your knowledge. Consequently, you tend to overlook this program as it penetrates. This calls for paying close attention to the installation process.  To ensure being watchful of such a case, you need to read the user agreement carefully. You don’t have to agree to install programs that seem suspicious.

Also, you don’t have to trust any programs that have unknown publishers. This will get you into unnecessary trouble. Further, one tip you have to keep in mind is to never rush in clicking ‘Next’. Go through every step thoroughly and install your applications securely. It harms your system in numerous ways so it is recommended to remove it.

Tools to remove VulkanRT

There are several tools available to remove VulkanRT from your system once and for all. These tools will help you ensure the smooth functioning of your computer and get rid of unwanted programs. Here, we present to you some of them that will help you fix your problem.


The first tool that will give you a quick and long-lasting solution to your problem is Norton. It is an extremely dominant tool to remove unwanted programs. It will get rid of all kinds of viruses and its related files, folders, and registry keys right from the roots.

Thor Antivirus

This tool will point out all the files that carry the virus. Moreover, it detects malicious files and folders that work the same way as VulkanRT. It helps cleanse your computer get rid of all the harmful files your system contains.

WiperSoft Antispyware

Here we have another tool to help you get rid of unwanted programs like VulkanRT. It is designed to eliminate threats like that of VulkanRT in its automatic mode. This program has a vigorous module that protects your PC from Trojans, hijackers, and ransomware. Also, its trial version detects the viruses in your compute without any charges. It clears all the registry entries made by those viruses as well. Moreover, it enables the option to activate the ‘System and Network Guards’. This particular option acts as a wall between malware and your computer. Last but not the least, its 24/7 support for any issues make it a great program to purchase.


This particular program, called AntiMalware, is specially created to get rid of were ll threats like VulkanRT. It will clear all files that have been created by such programs. Further, it deletes all the registry entries made by VulkanRT. Not just this, but also fixing browser redirection and other threats like hijack are other features of this program. The option of ‘Toolbar Remover’ will ensure getting rid of undesirable browser extensions as well. However, if the program is unable to cater to your problems, you can always ask for support from their 24/7 customer service lines.

Removing VulkanRT manually

Fixing this problem by installing or purchasing more software and programs is still a hassle. Therefore, giving it a go via manually should be your first approach. To begin with, the most basic thing you can do is to navigate to the control panel and remove VulkanRT. You can later delete all the files and registry keys. However, it requires a more technical fix in case the basics don’t work. And so, we take you through the depths of it.

Kill the processes and get rid of the unwanted files

The files carrying the names of ‘vulkaninfo32.exe’, ‘vulkaninfo.exe’, and ‘UninstallVulkanRT.exe’ will have to be deleted. These are the files that have viruses and threats in them.

Delete all folders with malicious content

The folders and their paths that might contain malicious files are found in the following directories.

C:\Program Files (x86)\VulkanRT\
C:\Program Files\VulkanRT\

The threats are usually found in these folders and once you get to them, complete deletion of these folders will cause no more problems.

Summing it up

To conclude, it is sufficient to say that a PC that is free of viruses and malware, functions way better than one with loads of them in it. To smoothen the process of your computers, whether at home or work, using these tools is highly recommended. You don’t need external assistance with your problems when you have every solution right in front of you.


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