Who called me? How to find out who is calling?

Getting suspicious calls bothers not only bothers you but all of us.  But more importantly, it is the fact that you don’t know who called me, bothers even more. Sometimes, you can’t even ignore it because it might be some important call or call from a potential client.

Now, it’s up to you whether to ignore it or look for who it is.

If you get calls every day and it’s all part of the normal routine now, you can move on ignoring the calls. However, if you have a curious mind, it’s inevitable to start looking for hints to guess who is calling.

You can’t just get on with something else and not bother about who called if you have that streak of curiosity in you.  It’ll raise questions like ‘Who Called Me?’, ‘How did they get my number?


If it’s an important call and the caller wants to talk to you urgently, they’ll leave a message. The call could be of all kinds.

It could be a work-related call, an old friend’s call, or just a random wrong call as well. In any case, the curious mind would want to know who is calling.

Your first idea would be to Google the number or run it through some call-tracking application. These aren’t reliable methods of searching for the caller, though.

Many of the sites will make you think you’re on the right platform to search the unknown caller. They’ll look and sound extremely engaging.

But, in reality, they will be charging you for doing so. Some sites would just deceive you, knowing the fact; you are searching for the caller.

They will make you go through more and more websites that will generate a commission for them as you view their website.

Who could have called you?

There’s a list of people who appear unknown from their number. They might be unknown. But there could be a reason behind that call—either beneficial for you or not.

It could be a prank call. All those pranksters who love doing it are the most common ‘unknown’ callers. They love having fun while sitting on their couch only.

The call could be from an ex as well who wants to reconcile and get back together. In a more extreme case, it could be a scammer. He could be trying to track or hack your phone while planning a theft from you.

Finding out ‘Who Called Me?’

However, there are several ways you can have you’re ‘Who Called Me’ question answered.

Reverse Phone Lookups

The reverse phone lookups are one of the most common methods of checking the name of the unknown caller.  However, this method is not good enough to tell you who the actual caller as if the call is from a blocked, private, or No Caller ID number.

Using Facebook

One creative idea to know who called you is by searching for that number on social media. You can search for it on Facebook. This social media app actually allows you to type search people by their phone numbers. You just have to write the number on Facebook’s search engine and the ID containing that number will pop up.


To get your ‘Who Called Me’ confusion solved, you need to download a third-party app like TrapCall. This is the perfect application to provide you with all the information regarding the caller. It will help you give you all the authentic data related to the caller so they can be held accountable for it.


Another application is TruthFinder. This is another app that will help you find the unknown caller. It will give you the most accurate results and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is a free application that will extract the entire background information of the caller. The basic information will be provided at zero cost. However, if you want more information related to criminal history and former addresses, you will have to pay. It will clear your mind from the ‘Who Called Me’ question.

TruthFinder Background Check
TruthFinder Background Check


The Whoscall app is another one to tell you about the unknown caller. The basic functions of this application are all free and show very few ads in the middle. Marking calls with specific colors is its best feature. Business-related or familiar-number calls come with a green icon. The unknown calls will carry a grey icon with them. Lastly, the suspicious and sketchy calls will be marked with a red icon.

Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
Developer: Gogolook
Price: Free
‎Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
‎Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
Developer: Gogolook
Price: Free+


One website to answer your ‘Who Called Me’ concern is Spydialer. This site has more than a billion numbers in its records. It shows extremely accurate results and is very reliable. It enables options of ‘Name Lookup’, ‘Photo Lookup’, or ‘Photo spams’. This website even allows you to search for people by their names or email addresses.

Another way to check the unknown caller is by searching for the number on spam call websites. People usually report unknown numbers on these spam-call websites. If your caller’s number matches one on the website, you can get a lead on the caller.

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Why is it important?

It is more important for safety than just satisfaction to know the identity of the caller. Many times it’s only for self-contentment that people want to find out who called. With the increasing cybercrime rates, you can’t just ignore these calls. To stay safe from hacking, theft, blackmailing, and various other crimes like these, you need to be aware of all the threats that could cause you danger. Also, you don’t have to keep guessing who the caller could be and spend hours just pondering over something so random when you have an app that will answer your question.

This act of getting calls from unknown numbers is termed ‘Phone harassment’ these days. It is a major concern for everyone. It involves getting calls repeatedly, threats, blackmailing, and so much more. Getting calls from blocked numbers is a major sign that the caller intends to harm you. Blocking the number is one solution to the problem, but it isn’t a permanent fix. What’s best in situations like these is to search for the caller and get him or her reported if their reasoning is found suspicious and intended to harm.


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