3 Steps for Creating the Perfect Learning Environment in Your Room

With remote learning still on the table, so in the matter of a home environment adapted for distance learners. Whether you are looking for homeschool space ideas for yourself as a student, or for your children, you first need to check the following homeschool room setup basics off your To-Do list.

#1. Create a Designated Space

The most common issue distance learners face when creating a homeschooling space is finding the right spot. This is especially true if there isn’t much space available, to begin with. Since multiple family members might need a spot of their own, either for learning or working from home, the best choice is to turn a corner of your own room into a learning space.

When choosing the right spot in your room, make sure there is enough light and as few distractions as possible. Natural light boosts focus and the ability to learn, but if you can’t ensure that, there is no need to panic. Studies have shown that blue-enriched white lighting is also beneficial.

When it comes to distractions, learning from your room poses more challenges than, say, the kitchen would. Why? Because you must resist the urge to lie down and turn on the TV in the background. This requires a certain level of discipline, but props like room dividers can also prove to be efficient in delimiting the study area from rest/entertainment ones.

Parent Tip: If you have more than one child learning from home and they are not in the same class, create a separate space for each of them.

#2. Choose the Right Tech

Switching from in-person classes to distance learning requires several tech additions as part of a proper remote learning setup at home.

Some of this tech is meant to help keep distractions at bay, such as noise-canceling headphones or desktop app organizers that block unnecessary notifications from social media. Other gadgets, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are meant to ensure flexibility and a backup option in case your desktop crashes mid-studying.

But, more important than that is having a stable internet connection, with sufficient bandwidth for all the family members learning or working from home at the same time. This aspect is often overlooked when creating a distance learning home setup because it isn’t tangible, like a desk or a computer would be.

If you manage to integrate all these elements, you will definitely have a functional, learning environment from your room. This puts you only one step away from the perfect homeschooling space.

#3. Add Your Personal Touch

Now that you have a learning spot all to yourself, it is time to make it more comfortable and fun. Choose appropriate furniture, keep the space organized in a way that makes sense to you, and decorate it to your liking.

Comfortable furniture and having good posture are important as they help you focus better. Pick a chair with appropriate back support and make sure its height allows you to place your feet on the ground, with your knees at a right angle. You should also adjust the angle of your screen so that it doesn’t strain your eyes or neck.

Surround your studying area with inspirational messages and personal items that make you feel at ease. Make use of your favorite colors wherever you can, along with relaxing tones of light blue and pale green, and eliminate visual clutter.

Now that you have a remote learning setup that is equally fun and practical, all that is left is to put it to good use.


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