4 Ways Technology is Empowering Your Business

Businesses that implement effective technology are able to thrive in a digital environment better than ones that are slow to operate using newer technologies. When it comes to building companies with steady growth, implementing new ideas, and leading in their industries, you need to consider the ways that technology can empower and assist you. Growing a business isn’t as simple as setting up a lemonade stand on the corner hoping someone comes to buy your product.

Healthy businesses use marketing and sales strategies to help them reach their overall goals. Goals that are quantifiable are more effective. Computers and technology are great at helping measure the numbers to show whether you are reaching your goals or not. Here are the ways that technology can empower your business.

Physical Labor

Working in an industry such as construction, manufacturing, and even healthcare requires a high amount of physical labor. In the past, the people who worked in these roles were often at very high risk of permanent injury and/or death because of the environments they were in. The need for protocols that helped to protect them was often inadequate. Due to funding issues, some areas, especially in healthcare, were understaffed which led to more injury.

Companies like Sarcos have developed robotic technology that works with people to complete these dangerous and difficult tasks. Instead of putting all the pressure on the human body to lift and move heavy objects, companies can choose things like robotic cranes and lifts and even exoskeleton suits to help people do the work. This allows the intelligence of people to work with the strength of machines in many different tasks and industries.

Back-end Processes

Computers have been around for decades. But even with these technological tools, there has still been a huge amount of manual work required for back-end processes like accounting and payment processing.

When you have to take data from one system and transfer it to another, it requires manpower to ensure it was done accurately. Your business is empowered when your systems are all interconnected so that there is no interruption from one system to the next. Back-end processes become automated, which leaves your staff to simply focus on less QA and higher cognitive work tasks.

Human Resource Management

This new era of business includes people who work in the office, those who work from home, and those who do a little of both. Managing all that movement around work becomes much simpler when you implement technology to support it. Instead of manual time clocks and employees punching in and punching out, you can leverage automated HR systems.

Staff who work from home can get automatically punched in when they login to their accounts. This data can then be automatically transferred to payment systems to automatically pay them. This frees up time for HR representatives to focus more on people relationships instead of crunching numbers.

Real-Time Marketing Data

Want to know how your marketing plans are doing in real-time? Technology gives you the insights you need. Whether you’re doing Facebook Marketing or running a Google campaign, technology lets you see how well people in your demographic are interacting with the materials you are promoting.

Are you getting the sales you want? Are people clicking through to your website? How many new contacts have you made? By leveraging the data insights within the marketing platforms, you can easily extrapolate how well you’re doing.

This is critical because it enables your business to pivot more quickly if the current campaigns are falling short of their intended goals. Real-time marketing data is one of the best ways that businesses can use technology to empower their business. It’s the sales and marketing teams who work together to get revenue for the company.

Technology Helps Your Business

If you’re not using all the technological tools at your disposal to reduce workplace injuries, boost revenue, manage back-end tasks, or create effective marketing campaigns, you are missing out on big opportunities. Businesses that don’t use technology will always struggle to grow and scale.

This is because people can only handle so much work themselves before they get burnt out. Technology on the other hand can continually be upgraded to handle all those repetitive tasks that free up people’s time to do more important things.


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