7 Ways to Fund Your Winter Vacation

It’s been a long year and if you’re like most people, you could use a vacation. If you’re dreaming of a tropical getaway or looking for some cold excitement on the slopes, you’ll need some extra cash to get it.

Think about what kind of trip you want to take and how much it’ll cost you. Next, think about how you’re going to fund your much-needed time away. There are many ways to save, and with these 7 ideas, you’ll have the money you need to escape in no time.

Save a Little Each Paycheck

Saving money is easy. You take the money you earn and stick it in a savings account. It’s best to put the money for your trip into a savings account that you don’t have as easy access to. This ensures you won’t accidentally spend your fun getaway money on something else. You can use an app to help you manage this or do it yourself. Create a fun chart with a goal and mark off milestones as you save up.

Work Overtime

Jobs that offer overtime are an excellent source of extra money for things like vacations and gifts. Sometimes all it takes are a few extra shifts to help you get the money you need.

With most overtime hours counted as time and a half, you’d be amazed at how much extra you can earn each paycheck by volunteering for overtime. While this might seem counterproductive, work more so that you can take a vacation, for some people the thought of going to a dream destination makes it worth it.

Cash Out Cryptocurrency

Do you have some extra in one of the coins that are on the way up? Sell when it’s high and cash out your profits. Leveraging your cryptocurrency assets to help you fund a vacation is a great way to use those dollars. When you own assets that skyrocket, getting to go on a trip can make it feel worth the risk. Be sure to invest your funds wisely and don’t panic sell if they take a temporary dip.

Get a Side Hustle

Use your skillset in the off hours to make some extra cash. Some people are able to make more hourly in a side hustle than they do in their 9-5. Additionally, the gig labor market is booming.

Whether you want to deliver groceries, give people rides, rent out your car, or deliver dinner, there are plenty of app-based gigs to be had. Additionally, sites like Upwork offer gigs like graphic design, writing, and voice-over work for qualified individuals.

Take Out a Small Loan

Sometimes, you need a vacation. If you have the income, there is no shame in funding it with a small loan from a personal loan company. Some companies allow you to get small loan amounts without any collateral. In many cases, loans without collateral have higher interest rates than loans with collateral.

This is because they are considered higher risk. These small loans usually have shorter payoff times than loans for things like a car or a mortgage. You’ll need to be prepared to pay this off quickly. Additionally, you need similar requirements as to when you apply for a payday loan.

Purge Excess Stuff

Have a lot of clutter? Why not purge? Instead of spending your time cleaning up messes and moving things around that, you’ll never use, get online and sell it. There are places like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and E-Bay where you can sell your wares.

Different products do better on different platforms. It’s important to know where to sell things if you want them to earn you any money. A good old-fashioned garage sale is great for little stuff as well. You’d be amazed at how much you can make just by getting rid of things laying around your house.

Cut Out Extra Expenses

How many streaming subscriptions do you have? Do you really need that many? If you’re serious about going on a great vacation, look for ways to cut some expenses. It’s the fastest way to give yourself a raise without needing to work extra hours.

You can call and get new quotes for insurance, you can cancel some of your streaming services, you can downgrade your cable package, and even look for ways to save money on other things. If you drink coffee every day and get it from a café on the way to work, consider making it at home. This act alone can save upwards of $50/month.


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