9 Tech Careers You Should Be Considering

There are loads of different jobs within IT and technology, with many more opening up as the world continues to grow and develop.

Some of these jobs are well established, while others are new and still in their infancy. Combined, they offer diverse opportunities for those who want to work in the tech field.

A Job for A Changing World

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the world of IT and technology is changing at a fast pace, and it’s easy to see why a career in computer science and in the tech, the field is worth considering, especially if you are at the beginning of your career journey.

More and more people are developing their IT skills as they begin to realize how lucrative and varied the tech world can be, so now is an ideal time to get in on the ground floor.

The following list offers a look into some of the most exciting and interesting IT careers you could possibly consider, along with a brief description of what each one involves so you can decide whether or not it’s for you.

#1. Software Engineer

Becoming a software engineer is possibly the most common career that most people think of when they think of careers in IT, and you’ll probably need a degree in computer science to get started in this job.

Computer science degrees are tough to do, but is it possible to do an online masters in computer science in addition to a degree qualification you may already hold.

Jobs in software engineering are varied and come in all levels of seniority, but the huge bonus is that most offer flexible working hours.

You could be coding in your spare time, or you could be working on systems that are needed to deliver new features or functions, yet you’ll still have enough time to explore what else the tech world has to offer.

An IT contractor is also an alternative way into this job if you want to do it as a full-time commitment. An IT contractor offers the same flexibility as a software engineer position but does not require a degree in computer science.

#2. Database Administrator

A database administrator ensures that the databases on a system are running correctly and don’t get corrupted.

They will administer, configure, manage and optimize databases so that users can make the most efficient use of them, but they must also ensure that all data stored on their database is completely secure.

This individual will need to know various database types and know how to work with each one perfectly.

#3. Data Analyst

Data Analysts are very sought out across a number of high-profile industries, and the data analysis career is a great path to follow if you want to work in a computer science role but don’t have a degree.

There are many different types of data analysis, and these individuals need to be well versed in all of them if they intend to work as one.

A huge amount of data is collected every day, and for businesses, this means that the data analysts must understand what information they need and where they can find it.

#4. IT Department Manager

IT Department Managers are a vital part of any business, and it’s easy to see why. They are responsible for overseeing the entire IT department within their company, and they must ensure that all staff members are doing their jobs correctly and effectively.

A lot of attention will be placed on the database administrator position (or equivalent) as this individual is responsible for setting up new applications and maintaining the existing ones. System Administrator

A system administrator will focus on the systems within an organization and will maintain, upgrade and fix them as needed.

This is a challenging role, but one that is very rewarding when everything runs smoothly.

#5. Forensic Computer Scientist

Forensic Computer Scientists apply their IT skills to law enforcement and the criminal justice system, and they do so by examining the methods used by criminals.

All computer systems are constantly monitored from different angles, and forensics scientists can crack open a computer system to determine why it was broken into in the first place.

It’s a very rewarding career and one you should consider if you want to work within the IT field, but it is also one that requires a lot of knowledge.

Computer security analysts is a similar job title for this role.

#6. Software Architect

Software Architects are responsible for designing new systems, including hardware and software. They have to make sure that all new system development effectively uses money, time, and resources while still delivering the results required to carry out a business function.

A software architect is in charge of the entire application development process, so they will have a good idea of what the business wants out of their software application and will design it accordingly.

#7. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for the structure and functionality of a website, and they have to be very skilled in HTML and CSS to get this job done properly.

It is important to create a visually appealing website and fully functional for the end-user.

Lots of companies will outsource their web development work, as their sites will not only look professional but also function correctly as well when built by professionals rather than in-house people who may not be as skilled.

#8. Network Administrator

Network Administrators are the hands-on people who get their hands dirty when it comes to maintaining the network system. For example, they may need to install new hardware or configure a network’s settings to ensure that devices are connected correctly.

They must also be a technical understanding of the system they maintain and understand what each device needs to function properly.

#9. Security Analyst

Security Analysts use their IT skills and knowledge to protect a company’s infrastructure from hackers.

Analyst work in many different facets of IT security, from installing new firewalls and anti-virus software to ensuring that networks are secure and that all files are protected.

These workers must keep up to date with the latest tactics used by hackers and ensure that there are no holes in the IT system.


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