iPhone keeps Restarting? Here are solutions to your Problem

iPhone keeps restarting or there is an unnecessary shutdown and you don’t know what to do? Here are some experienced tips and tricks to make the problem go away listed in the following article.

It’s pretty annoying when you are using your phone and it keeps getting on and off. Before getting into the solution make sure your phone is charged.

What to do when you are facing this issue?

Update your iPhone

The very first thing you should do when your iPhone is not working properly or restarting automatically is to check whether there is an update pending that is causing this issue.

iPhone Software Update
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Go to settingsgeneral > software update. If there is any new update make sure you install it. While updating your iPhone should be connected to wifi at a steady speed. After the update, your phone would turn on in a short while.

Reboot your Phone

There is a second option if the first one is not applicable, that is rebooting your phone. You can force restart your iPhone by first pressing and releasing the upper volume button then the lower volume and lastly press the side button until the phone is switched off. Your iPhone will be turned on shortly.

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This process only works for iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13.

Reinsert your Sim

What if both ways are not working for you? Here’s another option for you. Reinsert your sim. Take out your sim from the jack. Re-enter it into the same jack after a few seconds.

Check your Iphone’s battery health

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There is a chance that the battery health of your mobile phone is really ill. Now to check your battery health Go to settings > battery > battery health. If it’s under 80% get your phone a new battery ASAP (as soon as possible).

Repair your iPhone or get it repaired

There is an expectation that your phone might be damaged from inside or might be displaced from its actual place. It’s better to get the phone repaired from an authentic place rather than fixing it yourself or you can fix it by yourself if you have proper tools.

Clean Iphone’s Charging Port

Clean Iphone’s Charging Port

When charging or plugging in a headphone iPhone keeps rebooting. In such a case, cleaning the charging port is the best solution because dust particles in the port can result in disconnection of the power supply.

Check and Remove Faulty Apps

If cleaning the charging port is not solving the issue, what else should be done? Try removing any third-party app which is not useful or suspicious. This might help in solving the issue.

Reset your iPhone

iphone reset
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Last but not least if all of these are not working you can reset your phone by going on the setting > generals. Scroll and then tap on reset all settings. There is a chance that you might lose all of your data from your phone.

We’re hoping after following these setups you will get rid of the iPhone restarting issue.


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