How You Can Boost Your Energy Levels and Performance with New Wearable Tech

In our busy world, it’s easy to feel over-scheduled and drained of energy. While many rely on caffeine for a boost to get through the day, it comes at a cost. Too much caffeine can have negative health effects and impact sleep quality, creating a vicious cycle of dependency that does nothing to cut through that midday slump.

Wearable tech has become a staple for helping us move, live, and thrive whether by reminding you to get your steps in or helping to simplify your life. Wearables are more than just fun gadgets and reminders to get your steps in. Here’s how you can use wearable tech to boost your energy levels and performance.

Track Sleep Disruptions

Getting quality sleep is essential for longevity and productivity, yet it’s something so many people struggle with. According to the CDC, one in three adults isn’t getting enough sleep. Your body needs an adequate amount of sleep to help your body recover and to help your mind rest. Sleep quality can be impacted by many factors including demanding work schedules, too much screen time and blue light, and undiagnosed chronic sleep disorders.

Using wearable tech can help you put a sleep routine in place and collect valuable data points about the quality of your rest. Based on your findings, you can look for patterns in sleep disruptions and make strategic changes to your daily routine. Using these data points to put a better sleep routine in place will let you know what’s working or if additional work is necessary.

Many people who aren’t getting enough sleep know that there’s an issue but may not be aware of how severe these disruptions can be.  After all, not everyone has the time or ability to get a medically-monitored sleep study and some may be so used to inadequate sleep they don’t even know how best to rest. Wearable tech can create the greater awareness needed to make positive improvements.

Recreate Natural Signals

While some wearables simply track data, others assist in boosting both sleep and energy levels. Hapbee wearables emit magnetic frequency signals to simulate different reactions in the body. You can replicate the positive effects of caffeine without that afternoon latte or send a low-frequency dose of melatonin to help you sleep. Visit to learn more about how these wearables work.

Recreating natural signals within the body helps minimize the dependency on foreign substances like sleep aids and caffeine to help get your body on track. You can feel energized naturally rather than relying on man-made substances or supplements.

Practice Stress Management

Stress is a silent killer with several negative impacts on the body and mind. Many people who experience chronic stress report feeling tired or drained— a state known as emotional exhaustion. When you’re in this state, it can be difficult to build up the motivation or energy to get things done. This can only add to the causes of your stress.

Many wearables are designed to help with stress management. In addition to promoting better stress management and monitoring activity, they can also assist with a guided relaxation. Many simple fitness watches include breathing exercises to help the wearer relax and unwind. More elaborate wearables provide guided mindfulness exercises and will even track brain and heart activity during the session.

Using these wearables can help offset the impacts of emotional exhaustion caused by stress, giving you more energy and joy. There are also the benefits of reminders to exercise, meditate, or prepare for a bed to help simplify your schedule.

Encourage Endorphin Release

Fitness watches are some of the most popular wellness wearables. Many newcomers to the world of exercise find them incredibly motivating, while seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts love the data-tracking capabilities. They help you track your physical activity while also offering encouragement and even a sense of accomplishment.

The benefit of using fitness wearables is the increased likelihood of an endorphin release. The more physical activity that you engage in the more your body can create endorphins, the hormones that create a feeling of joy and contentment. This increase can typically lead to better energy levels and sleep.

Wearable technology isn’t just for tracking steps and calories; it can have a profound impact on your energy levels, sleep hygiene, and overall wellness. Properly utilizing wearable tech and all of its many bells and whistles can help you not just better manage your energy but also boost your energy and endurance.


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