How You Can Boost Your Productivity Working From Home

It’s no secret that in the last few years, there have been massive changes in the way people work and run businesses. Millions have left the office and instead posted up in spare bedrooms, at the kitchen table, or for the lucky ones, in their home office. Although there are certainly benefits to working from home, cutting out the commute and being able to wear a hoodie to work are top advantages, but it also comes with its own unique pitfalls.

A common trap people often fall into after swapping boardrooms for bedrooms is losing focus and not being able to stay motivated for as long as they previously would have. From family members to fridge excursions – there are way more distractions in the home, so here are some tips to stay motivated and get the most out of your working day.

Expect the unexpected

Firstly, plan for things to take longer thank you think. This may seem counterintuitive, but let’s think about it. Often while working at home, unexpected and unplanned things can happen anytime. So, start by assigning a little extra time to every task you need to complete. This way, if the unexpected does arise, you won’t be left feeling deflated and unmotivated. If you’re able to get through the day without these distractions, then you’ve gained a little extra time to give yourself a round of applause.

Stay connected

If your situation has changed and you’ve gone from working in an office or co-working space to working from home, it can feel a little lonely. Humans love connecting, and it’s often in conversation with friends and co-workers that brilliant ideas arise. So although the need may not always be there, try to reach out and check in on your co-workers. A simple “How are you?” or “Did you have a good weekend?” can go a long way, helping people feel seen and heard. Not only will a little conversation be good for your mental health – it’ll allow you to bounce around ideas and organize your thoughts.


If you are a small business owner or in a managerial position, it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew, especially when you’re at home. You might think that handing over tasks may take a little extra effort- but you must try to do this. Taking a few tasks off your plate means you can focus more clearly.

An easy way to start delegating is to outsource tasks to experts. Ubisec offer managed IT services, meaning they can either aid your IT team or become your IT team. With a productive and stable IT infrastructure that is specifically designed to meet your business needs around the clock or support your in-house IT team, you can benefit from reliable IT support and cyber security, meaning one less thing to worry about.

Plan your day

When planning out your tasks for the day, grouping them is an efficient way to save time and increase your productivity. The constant switching between different types of tasks breaks your concentration and may leave you feeling productive without you being productive.

So if you have several emails to send, do them all together. Got meetings coming up? Block book them and spend an afternoon only having meetings. The lack of switching between tasks will leave you with more energy and streamline your focus. There are tools that can help you with planning, coordinating deadlines, and running a company. They have tons of customizable options, you can implement systems that work for you.

Planning your day also means planning breaks. Although taking a break when you could be working may feel like an unproductive thing to do, using your breaks wisely can ensure you feel less stressed throughout the day and, in turn, can be more productive, especially for those of us working on screens for long hours. So, aim to schedule a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day. Use this time to look away from the computer. Consider reading a page of a book, tidying up any clutter that has accumulated on your desk, doing a breathing exercise, or using an app to do a short meditation. It’s also advantageous to move your body. Stand up and stretch or take a short walk around the block. A short walk could boost your ability to concentrate by as much as 20%. That definitely makes a break worth having. If 15 minutes feels like too much and adds stress to your day, start by at least leaving your desk to brew a tea or coffee.

As the way businesses and companies are run changes, it’s imperative to keep up. Using these simple but effective tips can boost your productivity and make working from home an enjoyable experience that benefits you and your company.


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