Keeping your HR Team Motivated during the COVID-19 Pandemic is Absolutely Essential

The COVID-19  pandemic has caused many businesses to rethink their current HR practices. No matter how prepared you are, it is difficult to be fully prepared for such challenging circumstances.

With the unpredictable nature of this infection, it is important to keep your employees motivated and productive despite any illness they may contract and businesses must implement a flexible remote working policy for the welfare of all staff.

Why is this important?

Employees are the backbone of any company. To keep your company running smoothly and to prevent your HR team’s morale from being affected you must have a motivated and happy workforce. When employees become stressed out because of pandemic worries, how can HR help?

There are many different tactics for keeping your team from feeling overwhelmed during this time. One way is by using HR software. This will allow you to track employees’ performance and productivity so that you know what parts of their lives need more attention or improvement to boost morale and productivity throughout the office.

Nevertheless, during the pandemic, it can be quite easy for employees and the rest of the HR team to feel demotivated and have their morale and productivity affected. It is up to businesses to ensure that this doesn’t happen and the following best practices mentioned below can help ensure that everybody is all on the same page.

1. Keep communication open and flowing

The best way to keep your HR team motivated is to keep communication open and flowing. Make sure everyone is on the same page, and that they understand the company’s priorities and goals.

Communication also helps to build trust within the team. When team members feel like they can trust one another, they will be less likely to feel overwhelmed or frustrated during the busy pandemic season.

2. Set specific goals for your HR team

Now more than ever, it is important to keep your HR team motivated and focused on their goals. However, with the pandemic disrupting so many lives, it can be difficult to know how to do this. One way to help keep your HR team on track is to set specific, achievable goals for them.

HR professionals are great at communication, but they’re also very good at setting up systems and processes that will help keep communication channels clear. Thus, setting specific goals for your HR team will not only increase communication flow but will also help keep everyone on track.

3. Encourage your HR team to take breaks

It can be easy for HR professionals to become overwhelmed with their work during a pandemic. However, they need to take breaks and recharge their batteries. Encouraging your HR team to take breaks will help them stay focused on the tasks at hand, and will help to keep their morale up.

4. Hold a meeting with your HR team once a week

You should hold a meeting with your HR team once a week so that everyone can share important information and discuss how things are going. You should also take this opportunity to listen to any concerns or frustrations that your HR team might have.

5. Make sure that your HR team is well-rested

Make sure that your HR team has a set bedtime and wake time, as well as some days off from work each week. Working all day without resting can be very dangerous to the morale of an HR team, as it will make them feel drowsy and unproductive.

6. Don’t overload your HR team with tasks

It’s important to give your HR team a break during the pandemic, but it’s equally important not to overload them with too many different tasks that they won’t be able to finish before the end of their shift. You should also keep monitoring how much work they’re getting done.

7. Encourage your HR team to take time for themselves

Encouraging your HR team to spend time with their families and friends will not only improve their morale but will also keep them motivated by reminding them that they have lives outside of work. Thus, encouraging your HR team to take some time off from work will help the team stay motivated and productive.


No matter how enthusiastic your HR team is,  the COVID-19 pandemic might take the best out of them. However, if you keep these tips in mind, you will see your HR team amped up and ready to go.

Keeping your HR team motivated during the pandemic is easy with these simple tips. Just make sure they are well-rested, have goals to work towards, and don’t take on too much at one time. Also, remember that your HR team must be able to communicate openly to stay productive.


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