Leveling Up Our Business Using Technology

Technology is all around us and can become overwhelming when we think about all the ways it impacts our business. Understanding what technology is available and which technology products will best serve our business’s needs will help us level up and thrive.

While there is a wide range of technology products that we can explore, data analysis, coding skills, and management systems for content and customers are vital for any business. If we have the proper technology, we can focus on the products and services we offer, instead of worrying that we are missing messages from important clients or partners.

In addition, the better we can use technology the less likely we will find our business has come to a standstill because of an avoidable issue. No business wants to be the business that is known for having technology glitches repeatedly.

In the manufacturing domain, certain systems like hot runners play a crucial role. This type of plastic injection molding system enhances productivity, minimizes waste, and reduces cycle time – underlining the importance of leveraging such technology for competitive advantage.

Data Analysis:

Data analysis is important for all aspects of our business. No matter what size business we have we will find there is a large quantity of data we have access to. Often the challenge is understanding what such data means.

All too often we get lost among the likes, shares, and visit counts but don’t have a clear strategy for what we want from these metrics. Today there is a wide range of programs such as an MS in Data Analytics which will provide us the education to better understand what all the data we have access to really means.

Do those who like our page go on to purchase our products or services? What are the trends in our numbers? Without some level of expertise in data analytics, we will be putting our business at a clear market disadvantage. We should make sure that data works for us instead of us working for data.

Coding Skills:

When running a business, it is important that we hire individuals who have top-notch coding skills. While coding might seem like something only large organizations have to deal with in reality if we have a website (which we should), we need to have basic coding troubleshooting skills.

No matter how user-friendly our webpage interface is there will come a time when we need to change a universal tag or figure out why something is not displaying properly. If we outsource all our coding needs, there will come a point where our site is unnecessarily down which will harm our bottom line. Customers are quick to leave if they cannot access us through our web pages or social media.

Content Management Systems:

Part of any successful business is finding the best ways to tell the story of the organization. Often telling this story is done through content and content management systems, which help organize our content. Content management systems help us make sure we are using a standardized voice while also meeting our customers where they are.

How we tell our story on Twitter will be different from how we tell our story on a blog. Without a good management system, we can find that all this content becomes unwieldy, and we struggle to remember what we plan to post and when we plan to post the content. Also, without a good management system, we can find ourselves less responsive if we need to change the tone of a post because of a world event.

Customer Management Systems:

Customer management systems help us keep tabs on all our customers. These systems help us know where in the buying funnel a customer is as well as allow us to be responsive to any questions or concerns a customer might have.

If customers do not feel seen or heard they are likely to quickly switch to a competitor. Using a customer management system allows us to focus on producing a product or providing a service instead of worrying that we have missed an important email or that we have misplaced an important correspondence.

All businesses use some level of technology each day. The key is to use technology in the most effective way possible. If we take full advantage of all the technology options we have available to us we are much more likely to succeed than if we do not.

While understanding all the technology needed for a business can feel a little overwhelming, in the end, this technology allows us to get down to the business of producing products, providing services, and developing deep relationships with our customers so they will return again and again.


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