Types of Visitor Management Software Features

Visitor management is simply any system that assists an organization to maintain a record of those who visit their place of business. Policies can range from entry to exit control, security measures, or other options depending on the needs of the organization.

Some companies may only need records when a client is present or only for certain times of the year. Other companies have high-security measures such as security guards, identification badges, employee escorts, and so forth. The different types of features available in an Ilobby visitor management system can help companies of all sizes meet their security needs.

Customizing features accordingly

One of the main features of a visitor management program is the ability to add and remove security measures at any point in time. A system administrator can set rules that will increase security measures whenever an unauthorized person enters the building. In addition, the administrator can specify which areas are off-limits during certain hours of the day or which specific dates and times that the doors will be closed.

All of these features help to keep track of who is coming into the building and when which helps to prevent the breaking and entering that often occurs in high traffic areas.

Another important feature in visitor management programs is the ability to keep track of visitor information. A company can put together a secure sign or post-up notices, which can then be placed around the building. Employees and visitors can be required to show their badges when they enter certain areas.

These badges can be scanned at designated times in order to ensure that they are legitimate before allowing them to enter the building. The system administrator can also create various levels of security, which may include requiring employees, students, and visitors to a certain level of security clearance before they are allowed to enter certain areas.

Makes it easy to get pre-screening information

The best way to ensure security is to use visitor management systems. A digital visitor management system can be used in conjunction with a digital signature, such as a pen sign-in badge scanner or proximity card reader.

A digital visitor management system will allow building staff to check on clients’ information whenever they enter the building. Pen sign-ins are used by building staff when they are performing visual surveillance.

It is extremely important to be very organized with the management of the building. There are many different areas of responsibility within a public building. All employees should be trained accordingly.

These employees should be involved in planning and executing the maintenance and safety plan for the public building. Most visitor management systems are connected to a secure network, so it is important that all employees are trained on how to access this network.

A good visitor tracking system should incorporate some additional features to ensure maximum efficiency. One feature is paper-based visitor management. This system should include multiple forms for the purpose of scheduling interviews, job offers, and interviews. Another important feature is the ability to record a person’s voiceprint. A paper-based visitor management system does not incorporate voice print recording capabilities.

When selecting the best commercial visitor management software features for a particular organization, it is important to consider all the options. The features must integrate seamlessly with each other.

The features should also be easy to use and implement. Finally, the features should offer maximum profitability. Once these features are incorporated into a system, it is possible to make all of the significant decisions.


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